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Friday, December 1, 2023

Grant Opportunities: CFPs 2022 005: Strengthening the Africa Network Excellence for DRR

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Deadline: 2-Aug-22

UNDRR invites not profit-making organisations to submit grant proposals to strengthen the Africa Network Excellence for DRR. In the current phase/present grant, priority will be given to weather and climate driven hazards and related impacts, including on water resource management, flood management, food security.

The overall objective of the network of African and international centres is strengthen the broadest use of technical-scientific knowledge and evidence to inform and support policy and operational decisions of African authorities.

Within this context, UNDRR aims to facilitate the creation of the cooperation mechanism to facilitate the cooperation between academia and institutions, to provide technical-scientific knowledge and capacity building to inform decision making process and policy development.

The initiative will establish a Network of Excellence (NOE), a cooperation framework between African and international expert centers that will jointly develop and deliver customized tools, services, products and training to those African institutions whose mandate is DRM/DRR.

Projects’ activities can include, amongst others, the following:

  • seminars, workshops, trainings;
  • capacity building activities;
  • institutional strengthening activities
  • advocacy and
  • procurement of small training equipment

Funding Information

The maximum amount requested from UNDRR for the implementation of this project cannot exceed USD750,000.


  • Establish a collaborative network the aim of which is the consolidation of the technical and managerial capacity of the African expert centers.
  • The NOE will enable collaboration across diverse organisations with specific expertise, providing opportunities for collaboration among scientific and operational expertise from African and non-African institutions.
  • The NOE will enable structured exchange of scientific and technological expertise, for the benefit of improved coordination and for the promotion of a multi hazard approach. The nature of the NOE will be multi-hazard and multi-impact.
  • Lessons will be applied to establish a strong basis for south-south cooperation, aiming to deliver operational services, tools and capacity building for African Institutions, both in anglophone and francophone countries.
  • The NOE will provide a structured framework for capacity development and for training – aiming to buttress existing and ad-hoc training initiatives.
  • The NOE will foster long-term formal agreements between international and African centres, providing diverse training modalities: structured training curricula, job shadowing, and training of trainers.

Eligibility Criteria

UNDRR issues grants, in line with UN Financial Regulations and Rules, to apolitical and not profitmaking organisations to facilitate, implement, or carry out activities related to UNDRR’s and the partner’s mandates and work programmes.

UNDRR may request organizations to refund, either in part or in whole any amounts paid in respect of a grant when:

  • the project was not implemented in full or in part;
  • the grant was spent for ineligible expenditures other than those mentioned in the budget proposal submitted to, and approved by UNDRR;
  • no narrative, financial or audit report was submitted within the deadline established by the grant agreement;
  • a narrative report and/or a financial report submitted was determined to be unsatisfactory;
  • a negative evaluation of the project by UNDRR;
  • Any other valid reason provided by the UNDRR.

For more information, visit https://www.undrr.org/vacancy/call-proposals-2022-005-strengthening-africa-network-excellence-drr

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