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UN Jobs: Consultancy for Tools Development for NORCAP Lake Chad Basin Localisation & Capacity Building Project

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Consultancy for Tools Development for NORCAP Lake Chad Basin Localisation & Capacity Building Project

NORCAP seeks a consultant or a team of consultants to develop organisational development tools for its Lake Chad project

1. About the project:

NORCAP’s ultimate goal is to enable our partners to protect lives, rights and livelihoods of affected populations and strengthen their resilience before, during and after crisis.

The vision of NORCAP’s Lake Chad capacity development project is a strong civil society able to define its own agenda, deliver quality humanitarian, development and peacebuilding projects, and influence decision making to ensure relevance to the needs of the populations affected by the Boko Haram crises and other challenges. To achieve this, NORCAP places organisational development experts within strategic UN partner agencies and supports capacity strengthening and localisation by partnering with local and national actors to enhance their participation in the humanitarian response, coordination and decision-making mechanisms.

The overall intended outcome of the project is that NORCAP’s Local and National Actor Partners report increased capacity across the seven dimensions of localisation: partnerships, participation, funding, capacity, coordination, visibility and policy. To achieve this, NORCAP works to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of local actors through organisational development, training and mentoring.
  • Create mechanisms and influencing opinions to reduce or remove barriers to enable participation within coordination and decision-making mechanisms.
  • Provide experts to strengthen and develop partner capacity i.e., their ability to perform functions, solve problems and achieve objectives.
  • Develop strategic partnerships i.e., formalised agreements with other organisations and actors to build on our respective strengths and expertise to reach common goals, and
  • Advocate for more effective ways of working within and across the humanitarian, development, and peace sectors, through strategic engagement in inter-agency policy for a and communities of practice.

2. Job description/Terms of Reference

NORCAP commissioned an external evaluation of the project in 2021 that recommended the development of a set of tools to be used to strengthen the organisational capacity of partners and that can be adapted to their needs and each specific context. The tools will be used by the NORCAP experts and support the development and delivery of NORCAP’s engagement in localisation in the region by strengthening the capacity of local and national actors.

NORCAP seeks a consultant or a team of consultants to develop organisational development tools for NORCAP’s Lake Chad project.

The objectives of this consultancy are to:

  1. Carry out a desk review of existing NORCAP, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and other open-source materials (e.g. ICVA, NEAR, Save the Children, Child Protection Area of Responsibility, OCHA) on organisational development tools.
  2. Develop an organisational assessment tool to be used by NORCAP experts in their work with national and local partners in the Lake Chad Basin region.
  3. Develop an organisational development/capacity strengthening training curriculum (part of/main content of the inception report) and resources that can be adapted to the specific context of the project or built on as a structured approach to organizational development.
  4. Deliver a learning workshop for NORCAP staff and/or experts.
  5. Deliver a final report, including catalogue of resources and how to use the handbook/ operational guidance.


  1. INCEPTION REPORT: establishing the curriculum and tools to be developed**.**
  2. ORGANISATIONAL ASSESSMENT TOOL: to assess potential partners, identify needs, develop capacity strengthening and exit strategies, demonstrate change.
  3. ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT/ CAPACITY STRENGTHENING TRAINING CURRICULUM AND RESOURCES: a standard/ adaptable toolkit for use by NORCAP for capacity strengthening of local and national actors.
  • Organisational Governance: including governing documents, board, sub-committees, structures and supporting documentation, tools and resources.
  • Understanding the international system: i.e. “the humanitarian & development coordination system/ architecture” – adaptable to context, so that Local and National Actors can better understand the international ecosystem.
  • Project design and development: including but not limited to theory of change and logframe development, proposal and report writing, risk analysis.
  • Gender: gender mainstreaming, assessment, audit, including tools and templates.
  • Community Engagement and Accountability/ Accountability to Affected Populations: how to develop practical Community Engagement and Accountability /AAP systems or processes for Local/ National Actors.
  • Finance: minimum systems, audit preparation, good financial practices (budgeting, forecasting and monitoring/ review), (general) donor compliance considerations.
  • M&E: developing and monitoring indicators, how to develop monitoring & reporting tools, data management (including data protection/ security and GDPR/ confidentiality) including tools and templates/ guidance.
  • Communications and Advocacy: introductions to communication and advocacy including case study development, preparation of promotional materials and advocacy, opinion and policy documents.
  1. LEARNING WORKSHOP: A learning transfer component for NORCAP to be able to capitalize on the learnings and include it in its own localization work.
  2. FINAL REPORT including catalogue of resources and how to use the handbook/ operational guidance.

Materials and tools should be in both English and French, or easily translatable to French.

3. Management of the consultancy

A Steering Committee consisting of the Thematic Manager Localisation and at least two NORCAP Experts and staff will oversee the consultancy, including the selection of the consultant(s), review and comment on the inception report, draft curriculum and tools as well as final report and products.

Coordination and consultation will be required with NORCAP experts and Head Office staff, including but not limited to the Thematic Manager for Localisation and Thematic Manager for Community Engagement and Accountability.

4. Geographical coverage: Lake Chad Basin countries consisting of Cameroon, Chad (Lac region, N’djamena), Niger (Niamey, Diffa), Nigeria (Maiduguri-Borno, Adamawa, Yobe States) and NORCAP Head Office in Oslo, Norway.

5. Time frame and deadlines

The assignment is required to be undertaken between September – December 2022, reflecting approximately 88 working days. There is flexibility to start date, however, the consultancy should be finalised by 31st December 2022.

NORCAP seeks expressions of interest from consultants/teams with documented experience in the following:

  • Training and capacity strengthening with national partners/ actors.
  • Capacity building and/or organisational development.
  • Experience and expertise relating to the anticipated training modules including training/ curriculum development and capacity assessment.
  • Programme experience, ideally in Lake Chad/ Sahel region
  • Working with or within national partners.
  • Confirmed availability: September – December 2022

All consultants must declare in-writing that they meet all legal and tax obligations for the consultancy and provide proof of registration such as business registration document, and/or VAT or company tax registration before a contract is signed. Consultants will be subject to counter-terrorism vetting; and references will be required.

How to apply

Bids must include the following:

  1. Proposal (no longer than 3 pages) including:
  • Experience in development of tools and training materials relating to the content anticipated
  • Outline of approach and methodology
  • Comments on the ToR/Job Description
  • Proposed time frame and work plan
  • Confirmation of availability for proposed dates
  1. Cost: day rate (in NOK), with any additional costs itemised
  2. CV(s) of consultant(s)
  3. Example of past work of a similar nature for each of the team members

Application Deadline: Tuesday 16th August 2022 (23:59 hrs CEST)

Applications must be submitted to Daniel.sissling@nrc.no.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by 25th August 2022.

Interview dates: Week of29th August 2022

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