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Grant Opportunities: Quantum 10 Equity in Education International Conference 2022

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Deadline: 29-Jul-22

The Call For Proposals for the third annual Quantum Ten Equity in Education International Conference is now open.

The purpose of this conference is to expand upon understanding of the Q10 framework, theories, and practices, and move ‘beyond talk’ about equity in education. This conference strives to transform practice by taking an action-oriented approach to intentionally integrate the elements of the Q10 framework. Your presentation should advance learners’/attendees knowledge of the elements of the framework to systematically sustain equity in their learning communities.

The Quantum 10 (Q10) is a fusion of 10 different theories, frameworks and practices that together focus on enhancing educational equity. Each can stand alone, however, when they are integrated, they create a strong synergy that can go far beyond their individual potential and become an empowering, holistic approach to address systemic inequities in education.

The conference will be held in person in the beautiful city of Phoenix, Arizona on December 5-6, 2022. They will offer virtual and asynchronous sessions for our international audience and for those who cannot attend in person.


The theme of this year’s conference is Beyond Q10 Integration: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging. The strands for this year’s conference include:

  • Q10 International Design of Instruction: UDL and Inclusive Practice: This strand will focus on integrating elements of the Q10 into curricula, classrooms, and the school site as a whole. Presentations may focus on providing educators, curriculum coordinators, and administrators with the best practices and strategies for the intentional integration of Q10 elements in various learning environments and will feature UDL and inclusive practices.
  • Trauma- Informed Practices to Foster SEL, Well Beign, Resilience, and Self-Care: This strand will focus on how trauma might manifest in behaviors. Presentations will guide participants on a journey of recognizing the signs, symptoms, and impact of trauma and include strategies to address them. Presentations may address trauma for students and/or adults involved in education.
  • Cultural Responsiveness: Cultivating a Sense of Belonging: This strand will focus on understanding social justice in the educational system. Presentations may focus on Q10 integration, self-reflection, recognizing bias, and ultimately implementing actions toward more culturally responsive practices in their schools and community.
  • Adaptive Leadership– Cultivating and Sustaining a Sense of Belonging for All: This strand will focus on building the capacity of leaders and designing professional learning using the integration of the Q10 elements. Presentations may include models for helping leadership inspire adaptive change in educational systems using an innovative and intentional implementation of the Q10 elements.
  • Authentic School, Family, and Community Engagement: This strand will focus on the importance for family/community to be knowledgeable and engaged through the use of Q10 elements. Presentations may include methods and systems using the integration of the Q10 elements to inform and co-create authentic family/community y relationships.
Eligibility Criteria

This conference is open to anyone who is ready to move ‘beyond integration and into cultivating a sense of belonging. This conference strives to reach K-12/higher education educators, students, administrators, local/state leadership professionals, school board members, service providers, school counselors, accessibility officers, and mental health workers, those involved in opportunity and continuation schools, family members, caregivers, and community members.

For more information, visit https://q10equityineducation.com/2022-call-for-proposals/

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