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Grant Opportunities: ADB’s Digital Innovation Sandbox Program

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Deadline: 31-Dec-23

Applications are now open for the Asian Development Bank’s Digital Innovation Sandbox Program.

ADB’s Digital Innovation Sandbox Program is seeking out innovative solutions to one or more of its sandbox initiatives. Each sandbox initiative represents a specific track corresponding to a particular emerging technology: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, Big Data and Mixed Reality.

The Sandbox Program aims to provide an environment for experimentation of innovative solutions while mitigating risks associated with creation, innovation and implementation.

Technology Focus
  • Artificial Intelligence: Greater incorporation of artificial intelligence into ADB’s technology systems to enable ADB to better focus its workforce on more value-adding work.
  • Robotics: Development of robotics software that can be easily programmed to do repetitive and routine tasks that humans currently do.
  • Blockchain: Application of blockchain technology to enable distributed ledger of transactions for sustainable development projects.
  • Big Data: Analysis of data used by ADB to unlock real-time decisions that optimize ADB’s agility and responsiveness to the growing needs and demands of its developing member countries.
  • Mixed Reality: Using multidisciplinary approaches to understand current opinion and identify the dynamics that are shaping the future.

Applicants will be evaluated and shortlisted using the following criteria:

  • Novelty
  • Business value
  • Operational feasibility and scalability
  • User experience
  • Technical competency

For more information, visit https://challenges.adb.org/en/challenges/digital-innovation?lang=en

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