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UN Jobs: Regional Communication officer – Cameroon

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Regional Communication officer

Position Requirements

Organizational Context

The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international non-governmental organisation with a mission to accompany, serve, and advocate for the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people. The organisation was founded in November 1980 and has a presence in over 50 countries. JRS undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support and guidance of an international office in Rome. The style of JRS service is human and spiritual, working in situations of greatest need, seeking the long-term wellbeing of refugees and displaced persons, while not neglecting their immediate or urgent needs. JRS offers opportunities to a wide variety of staff, local and international, while maintaining a realistic and localised scheme of salary/stipend, insurance, etc.

With a regional office in Yaoundé, JRS West Africa (WAF) and Great Lakes (GL) was set up in 1995 in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide and other widespread ethnic violence (in GL region) and in 2006 in WAF region in Chad (JRS biggest operation: 13 Camps and 181 305 people served).

Efforts in this region focus on education, protection, psychosocial support and livelihood. The education programs cover formal education (kindergarten, primary, secondary and post-secondary education), teacher training, and non-formal education, such as adult literacy and vocational training.

To strengthen the support provided by the region to our countries, with the support of the international office, we have agreed to recruit a Regional Communication officer West Africa (WAF) and Great Lakes (GL) region to support the country offices in terms of visibility in the projects implemented and to make our mission better known through our activities in the field.

The Communication officer of JRS/WAF reports directly to the Regional Director and assists National directors in both developing an effective communications strategy and implementing JRS/WAF’s communications outreach to its core constituencies.

Expected results

Development and implementation of JRS WAF’s Communications Plan

– Strengthening JRS/WAF’s branding

– Developing media relationships around JRS WAF Advocacy Issues

– Create a data base with communication materials

– Developing service learning and faith formation materials on refugee issues.

  1. Responsibilities

Objective1: Development and implementation of JRS/WAF’s Communications Plan

  • In collaboration with the regional director or Deputy regional director, National directors, senior staff, and Board members, develop and implement a communications plan that contributes to the realization of JRS’s strategic priorities in advocacy, fundraising, and public awareness.
  • Build the JRS/WAF website on the JRS WordPress platform and ensure it is then maintained and regularly updated with content and explore ways to utilize new ways of realizing strategic plans and priorities on the web.
  • Cooperate with senior staff to prioritize overall goals of JRS/WAF and JRS internationally, so that they are reflected in the plan.

Objective 2: Strengthening JRS/WAF’s branding

  • Collaborate with JRS/WAF staff and Board members to strengthen JRS/WAF’s brand recognition as a Jesuit and Catholic refugee agency.
  • Cooperate and collaborate with the JRS International Office and other JRS regions to develop joint communications and advocacy plans in line with the JRS Strategic Framework.
  • With the JRS/WAF Advocacy and Development staff, if exits, implement the publication of all JRS/WAF publications, including the Annual Report, The Refugee Voice, and other brochures and electronic and printed items.
  • In consultation with the regional director and National Directors, consider developing an electronic newsletter on refugee issues pertinent to JRS/WAF either with a distinctly different email from Praying with Refugees or with an expanded email.
  • Create and edit printed items about JRS’s activities for later distribution.
  • Print informative and awareness materials for JRS’s different activities (t-shirts, leaflets, veils, etc.).
  • Manage social media content JRS/WAF.

Objective 3: Developing media relationships around JRS/WAF Advocacy Issues

  • Direct JRS/WAF’s advocacy to the media and develop relationships with the media so that JRS/WAF becomes a consulted source of background information on refugee issues.
  • Cooperate with senior staff to prioritize overall goals of JRS/WAF and JRS internationally.

Objective 4: Create a data base with communication materials

  • Create a data base with photos of the different project implemented by JRS and ensure that JRS/WAF photos are properly filed in the JRS Digital Assets Manager.
  • Develop at least two stories of human interest for each JRS project implemented by JRS.
  • Develop materials (e.g., press releases, interviews) and strategies that target media outlets, policy makers, government agencies, and members of Congress with respect to refugee issues of concern to JRS/WAF.
  • Share content with the communications team at the JRS International Office.

Objective 5: Developing service learning and faith formation materials on refugee issues

  • Develop a training season with JRS staff about communication tools such as photography, storytelling, and report template.
  • Collaborate with the staff of JRS/WAF in developing service learning and faith formation materials on refugee issue and related Catholic social teaching for use in schools, universities, and parishes.
  1. Behaviors and Values

Communications: Listen carefully to assure clear understanding of instructions and requests. Communicate a positive, professional image of JRS/WAF, demonstrating respect, empathy, and integrity. Ask appropriate questions in seeking explanations needed to perform job functions. Support “transparency of information” by sharing information and ideas with others to support effective performance. Understand staff roles and procedures and prepare standard reports to track job progress or activities. Recognize the particular needs of partners and use established channels to respond to those needs. Understand and be able to use appropriate technology to communicate with others inside and outside of JRS/WAF. Respect and maintain confidentiality of sensitive information within parameters defined by your supervisor(s) and/or JRS/WAF’s policy.

Job Knowledge: Be able to use knowledge and be willing to expand learning of applications or technology to perform job duties. Maintain and improve the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in performing job responsibilities. Follow JRS/WAF’s policies and procedures in carrying out work activities.

Technical knowledge: – Proficiency in written and oral French and English (either or both?), and outstanding storytelling, writing, and editing skills.

– Experience with design/layout of content for online dissemination, as well as printed material and presentations

– Familiar with Microsoft Office 365, graphic design software, and social media

– (Desirable – if you want to build the JRS WAF website and do email marketing) Knowledge of WordPress and email marketing software

Leadership: Take responsibility for performance of own job duties. Model behaviors those are consonant with the mission and values of JRS/WAF in work activities and relationships. Demonstrate sound judgment in performing all duties. Recognize and use individual strengths to enhance work performance. Recognize areas of weakness and seek assistance to improve performance. Take initiative within area of responsibility. Respect the skills, needs, and schedules of others in performing assigned duties and responding to others. Contribute ideas for implementing the vision and strategic plan of JRS/WAF.

Problem Solving: Recognize routine problems, gather data, and work through them thoroughly and effectively. Know whom to consult for assistance in solving non-routine problems. Exercise creativity in resolving problems and trying new ways of doing things. Know how and when to apply technical solutions to problems. Share results of problem-solving experiences with others. Remain flexible in responding to organizational priorities.

Program Planning and Management: Anticipate workflow and take proactive steps to balance work priorities. Understand the desired outcome of assigned work and how it supports JRS/WAF’s work. Identify the resources and assistance needed to complete assignments and make sure they are on hand. Complete routine assignments on time, making sure finished products are accurate and have expected quality. Contribute ideas to effectively implement program plans and activities. Keep others informed of work progress and any problems encountered. Take initiative and complete independent work projects. Understand organizational priorities and respect time sensitivity of work performance. Assist others to complete priority work, or step-in to handle work in their absence.

Resource Building and Stewardship: Recognize resource building potential in all interactions and be responsive and professional in providing information. Use financial and material resources provided by JRS/WAF to their best advantage, including business equipment and supplies. Demonstrate concern for natural resources in carrying out work activities. Make the most of own time and resources to maximize stewardship to JRS/WAF. Respect one another and relationships with staff, supervisors, managers, and program participants.

Teamwork: Understand what a team is and what it does. Demonstrate a willingness to work on a team. Understand own role on the team and how it fits in to the overall results to be produced. Contribute skills, knowledge, and ideas to team discussion and work. Accept accountability for assignments made within the team and for producing results on time. Keep team leader and members informed of work status. Demonstrate awareness of what other teams do and how their work affects own team. Recognize and respect the importance of work performed by other colleagues. Understand organizational priorities and be willing to set aside own tasks to assist others to complete high priority tasks.


The contract is for 1 (one) year, renewable with an initial probationary period of three months. The JRS remuneration policy is aligned with the JRS ethos of offering effective and professional services and at the same time expressing solidarity with the people served. The salary is calculated with the use of a post-adjustment multiplier and takes into account years of relevant experience and the degree of responsibility of the role. Details will be discussed with short-listed candidates.

How to apply

Please send your CV and a cover letter that indicates what skills and experience you have that meets the criteria and your availability. The CV (maximum 3 pages) should include contacts (phone and email) for three professional referees. Please note that only professional email address for referees will be accept. Please send the application to:


The closing date is July 15, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. Cameroon time.

PLEASE NOTE: due to urgent need to fill this vacant position, we will be reviewing the application as we receive. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply.

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