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UN Jobs: Participatory Facilitator (f/m/x) in programme and project design for the empowerment of women in Cameroon – Cameroon

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Participatory Facilitator (f/m/x) in programme and project design for the empowerment of women in Cameroon

Background and Partner Organisation

In the dynamic programme for violence prevention, conflict transformation and peacebuilding, the Civil Peace Service (CPS), you will strengthen Bread for the World’s partner organisations in their long-term commitment to dialogue, human rights and peace in conflict regions.

Welcome to two exciting partner organisations in Cameroon that live diversity and equality:

Association des Femmes et Filles de l’Adamaoua (AFFADA) is passionate about the empowerment of women. It focuses on social integration, gender equality, education, active participation in decision-making processes and the promotion of self-determination. In a world where equal opportunities are a priority, AFFADA works passionately to give women the tools they need to go their own way and achieve their goals. The counselling and support centre for victims of gender-based violence in Ngaoundéré is an oasis that provides a trusting shelter and encounters with empathetic professionals.

Location: Yaoundé

The Saare Tabitha girls’ education centre is an inspiring place that strengthens the position of women (including girls) in society and promotes the harmonious coexistence of different religious, ethnic and social groups. It is not only about education, but also about creating an environment where women can develop their abilities to play a significant role in our diverse society. Saare Tabitha builds bridges between communities and creates a common platform where people from different backgrounds can meet, understand and respect each other.

Location: Maroua

Your place of residence: Ngaoundéré

The above-mentioned projects, programmes and services will gain regional appeal thanks to your creative impetus in the specialist areas of gender-based violence and reproductive health and your establishment of a regional network. Become part of the AFFADA and Saare Tabitha team to deepen the skills of the specialised staff and further develop the shelter for women in a process-oriented manner! Create effective services for an improved health and living situation for women.

Job Scope

Your professional input in the field of gender-based violence and reproductive health contributes to effective project and programme design; your creative approaches and methods motivate the teams to expand their competencies.

In detail, your tasks include:

  • Taking stock of training needs, e.g. psychosocial, health-related
  • Conception and implementation of workshops, e.g. based on human rights
  • Needs-based professional and peer counselling, e.g. for specialist staff
  • Support for conflict-sensitive, gender-orientated project management
  • Data collection, database development and monitoring
  • Development of a regional network
  • Regular business trips, e.g. to Saare Tabitha in Maroua


  • A relevant degree (at least a Bachelor’s degree in social sciences)
  • Expertise in the sensitive empowerment of women in conflict contexts
  • Development policy project management would be an advantage
  • Good written and spoken French skills
  • Enjoy promoting colleagues and learning from each other
  • Sensitivity and interest in the conflict context
  • Openness and motivation for social integration into the culture of Cameroon and flexibility for regular business trips in the region

Citizenship of a Member State of the European Union or Switzerland is required.

Benefits provided by Bread for the World and Dienste in Übersee
Bread for the World provides a framework in which the professionals of Dienste in Übersee share their knowledge and skills with people of another culture.

Supportive cooperation, mutual learning and intercultural exchange are enabled by:

  • Individual preparation
  • Three year contract with benefits in accordance with the German Development Aid Workers Act
  • Coaching

How to apply

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