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UN Jobs: Forest Lead – Greenpeace Africa

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Forest Lead – Greenpeace Africa

About Greenpeace Africa
Greenpeace Africa was founded in 2008 and is part of the Greenpeace global network that has recently celebrated 50 years of climate activism across the world. Greenpeace was founded in 1971 by a small group of concerned individuals, who set sail to Amchitka Island off the coast of Alaska to try and stop a US nuclear weapons test. Their old fishing boat was called “The Greenpeace”. Today, Greenpeace is present in over 40 countries around the world. Greenpeace Africa currently operates in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa to challenge the development and growth model rooted in the extractive, neo-colonial socio-economic model that is holding the African continent back and is contributing to the worsening climate crisis.

Greenpeace Africa’s vision is embedded in collective activism powered by the energy of millions of Africans to shape better legal, political and economic systems in ways that position Africa as a world leader and a source of untapped wisdom. In this new era, Africa’s people, communities, regional bodies, education institutions and progressive businesses are working together to create new approaches to build a better future for all of Africa’s people. Africa is influential and a source of inspiration to the world – a self-reliant and dynamic people.

Greenpeace Africa’s strategy aims at transforming Greenpeace Africa to be an organisation working on campaigns delivering systemic impacts in Africa with an operating model that is fit for purpose and responsive to the challenges facing Africa. By grounding African consciousness in all aspects of our work; we aspire to deliver a vision of an Africa where the people in Africa own the well-being of the continent in the face of the climate crisis.

Greenpeace Africa seeks to fill this vacancy with a highly qualified professional that has the flexibility to work remotely, as Greenpeace Africa implements a hybrid work location model, with work-from-home being the primary model of work.

Job Description

The Forest Campaign Lead will need to oversee the strategic planning and execution of the campaign work in GPAF in an integrated approach that enables both fundraising and engaging audiences to effectively build counter power. The role includes the ability to be responsive to emerging opportunities across the African continent and the effective engagement with key stakeholders, including from government, business, our lawyers, the farmers, media and civil society and coordination of campaign work. The campaign Lead will also need to coordinate work with consultants and researchers, along with the global Greenpeace network.

As a senior member of the Greenpeace Africa Programme Team, the Campaign Lead manages staff, leads and contributes to the development and implementation of the strategy and planning for the assigned campaign or project, in order to achieve a successful campaign in line with the objectives of Greenpeace Africa.

The Campaign Lead will generally act as project lead for an assigned projects.

Strategic planning
● Participate in and contribute to the proposals and assessments of the Greenpeace Africa programme strategy.
● Lead and coordinate the development of the strategy and plans for the assigned campaign, in cooperation with the Senior Portfolio Manager.
● Contribute to the international campaign’s strategy development.
● Assist in the strategic development of the social, economic, political, legislative and business components of the campaign in order to ensure that Greenpeace can respond effectively to strategic opportunities, and influence the development of relevant national and international legislation and practices.
● Monitor external political, scientific, communications and technical developments related to the campaign(s); and identify opportunities for Greenpeace Africa

Implementation of the campaign strategy and plans
● Coordinate and supervise all arrangements for campaign activities as required.
● Ensure that Greenpeace security guidelines are followed and report any security incidents as stipulated in the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s).
● Work with the Fundraising team to develop ways to maximize campaign’s fundraising potential.
● Establish communication and ensure collaboration with NGO’s, partners, community leaders and all other important stakeholders within each project as required.
● Represent Greenpeace at meetings, coordination bodies, media, stakeholders and local communities when required.
● In agreement and in collaboration with the Communications team, use a range of communications tools available (direct actions, direct communications, traditional and new media, briefing sheets and public information, and other tools) to communicate with target audiences and ensure that any media intervention is closely aimed at achieving campaign objectives.
● Create or delegate the creation of substantive briefings and updates to inform staff, media and stakeholders on specific campaign issues, progress and outcomes.
● Ensure monitoring and evaluation of projects and reporting to the GP Africa Programme Director, Senior Portfolio Managers, as well as campaigners from other offices as required.
● Adapt role within team as appropriate, including playing supportive role to other members of the team as necessary
● Respond to challenges, explore new ideas and take initiatives in all aspects of internal collaboration.
● Take full part in self-evaluation of team campaign projects at their completion
● Provide input and contribute to teamwork and team building within Greenpeace Africa as required, including taking the lead on projects, and facilitation of meetings.

● Take a Pan African Outlook to project delivery by optimising responsive opportunities across the continent that advance campaign/project objectives

People Management
● Prepare an annual individual work plan and set measurable performance objectives for the campaign staff and manage and develop team and individual performance.
● Conduct individual performance reviews of each team member, reviewing past objectives and setting new objectives.
● In collaboration with the individual, identify staff development opportunities and define development objectives including training.

Relationship building and networking
● Build and maintain relationships with external stakeholders including civil society, communities, authorities,… to push our campaign forward

Campaign Budget
● Ensure specific relevant campaign projects are properly budgeted for
● Manage relevant campaign budget and ensure that there is no overspend
● Identify and implement the most cost effective/strategic use of the campaign budget

Internal collaboration
● Work openly and cooperatively with other teams (campaigns, engagement, fundraising, actions and logistics).
● Communicate effectively with other teams (campaign, engagement, fundraising, actions, and logistics).

Detailed Job Description


Deadline: 30th March 2024

How to apply

Submit your application Online via our ATS


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