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UN Jobs: External Auditor – Street Child

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Call to Tender N°001/SC/CMR/2024 for the Recruitment of an External Auditor for Street Child of Cameroon

About Street Child

Street Child is one of the world’s fastest-growing international children’s charities. Established in 2008, we believe that every child deserves to be safe, in school, and learning especially in low resource environments and emergencies. We work with an expanding network of 150+ local organizations. A focus on the power and purpose of inspirational local level organizations sits at the heart of all we do – and we have done so since our first partnership in Sierra Leone in 2008. Today Street Child works across more than 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, South America, the Midde East and Asia and Europe. We are experts in education, economic empowerment, and protection programming.

Our interventions are integrated to confront challenges, assuring safety as we afford access to schooling. We seek out situations where there are gaps between significant need, in-time assistance and available funding and, as such, are often one of the only organizations supporting children in these tough circumstances. We prioritize children in the most marginalized populations and those most likely to be left behind.


Street Child believes that every child deserves the chance to go to school and learn. Our projects focus on a combination of education, child protection and livelihood support to address the social, economic and structural issues that underpin today’s education crisis. We partner with local organisations and communities to deliver our locally rooted programmes, using evidence to drive learning and the refinement and scale up of programmes to create maximum impact for the most children at the lowest cost. We pride ourselves on being willing to go to the world’s toughest places where others won’t, including remote, hard-to-reach areas and fragile, disaster-affected states across sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Since 2008 we have helped over 250,000 children to go to school and learn and supported over 25,000 families to set up businesses so that they may afford the cost of educating their children.

Our work as Street Child of Cameroon in the aforementioned domains is deliberate and intentional and we aim to scale up our operations in the field by ensuring that more and more children return to normal lives by living in a safe environment, reunited with their families, attending school and protected against violence, sexual exploitation and other social vices. We work with local organizations and the government to overcome the barriers that undermine the development and wellbeing of children, ensuring parents and caregivers have financial resources and livelihoods to sustain the education of their children and providing child protection services. Street Child of Cameroon has ambitions to expand beyond its current regions of intervention is a reliable partner for UNICEF, FIFA, Book Aid international, the UEFA Foundation and other institutional donors, among others.

Scope of Services:

  • The external auditing services shall be carried out from Street Child’s field office in Buea and the auditors may also require to travel to the country office in Yaounde.
  • Auditing procedures must be performed in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA). The scope of work must be wide, covering a range of issues e.g. legal/ statutory obligations in consonance with laws applicable in the Republic of Cameroon, procurement and logistics, assets and liabilities, salaries and allowances, programme and financial oversight, accounting practices and internal control.
  • Deadlines and expected main tasks to be carried out by the external auditing team are:
  • Annual audit on Financial Statements for 2023/2024 Financial year ending 31 March 2024 and internal controls with submission of a signed audit opinion and all required supporting documentation before 15th June 2024.
  • All documentation including any additional annexes required will be submitted in English and in pdf-format to the Country.
  • Management Letter setting out key findings from the audit and recommendations for improvement in internal controls.
  • Signed copy of the audit report and any supporting information and schedule required to the HQ auditors, Moore Kingston Smith in the UK.
  • Information sharing with HQ auditors, Moore Kingston Smith in the UK

Mandatory Requirements:

  • Proof of valid registration as an audit firm with the professional association of auditors in the country of operation.
  • Membership or affiliation to a Global network of accountancy firms,
  • Proof of membership with accountancy body for the responsible partner and the on-site audit team manager.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the members of the proposed audit team should be submitted along with the expression of interest.
  • Availability of an audit team led by a senior with a minimum 4-5 years of relevant experience.


  • Documented references, preferably with Non-Governmental Organizations, detailing name of client, address, contact person and year.
  • Able to offer non-audit services such as taxation, payroll or other professional services advice.
  • Recent Tax Clearance Certificates – Last three Years

How to apply:

Interested and qualified firms across Cameroon should please send their complete files (Mandatory requirements as stated above, Technical and Financial Proposals) not later than the 7th of May 2024

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