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Getting a Relief Job in Cameroon 2022

Relief jobs have become popular in Cameroon recently. NGOs in Cameroon offering relief jobs have expanded as Cameroon has suffered many security crises. There is an increase in humanitarian concerns in Cameroon especially due to the “Anglophone crisis”. Cameroon also has other humanitarian concerns along the northern borders with Nigeria and the eastern borders with the Central African Republic.

These humanitarian concerns have led to funding from international donors and organisations. These bodies fund relief causes towards victim populations. Fundings are made to projects submitted by local NGOs towards relief aims.

NGOs in Cameroon operate just like any other business. They have people working in departments like accounting, management, fundraising, project management, and operations. In the larger international development organisations, such as UNICEF, UNDP, and Red Cross, maintain whole departments for marketing, logistics, public relations, business development, human relations, product development, legal and more.

Generally, local NGOs need people to reach out to victim populations with relief. Positions for relief jobs in Cameroon keep popping up over and over as needs arise. As NGO jobs in Cameroon get popular, only candidates who prepare and keep their attention on opportunities eventually benefit from employment in these NGOs.

In this article, we will show you how to get prepared for and get a NGO jobs in Cameroon. There is no single route to getting a relief job in Cameroon, so we will visit all angles we think will help to give you a chance at getting a relief job in Cameroon.

Relief jobs in Cameroon 2022
UNjobs in Cameroon 2022
NGO jobs in Cameroon 2022

What type of NGO job do you want?

The UN and other organisations fund projects through local NGOs in many causes. Whether you want to work with refugees, animals, children, disabled people, victims of war, the elderly, or any other cause that you can think of, there will be an NGO providing solutions and opportunities. To help you target better and increase your chances at relief jobs in Cameroon, you will need to choose what relief cause you to prefer.

Where do you want to work?

Most of the areas where relief is needed in Cameroon are also risky to work or live in. Some places pose more risks to Francophones than Anglophones. Other places are remote with harsh climates and other inconveniences. If you will like to do relief work and will mind being under some sort of risk or inconvenience, then you need to choose work according to location.

What should you do to boost your chances at getting a relief job in Cameroon in 2022?

Relief jobs in Cameroon 2022
UNjobs in Cameroon 2022
NGO jobs in Cameroon 2022

  1. Update your CV (curriculum vitae) frequently

It is no news that a sound CV is a big step to getting a job. A CV is what tells your potential employer that you will suit or not suit the current job description.

It is particularly preferable for you to keep your CV up-to-date all the time and not only update it when you have to submit it in applying for a job. Rushing to meet up deadlines may make you forget some things you needed to include or update in your CV.

2. Update your LinkedIn profile

Linkedin is a social media where professionals go to meet and share with other professionals. Your LinkedIn profile with a professional picture and an up-to-date is a good step at attracting potential employers.

You also will need to connect with professionals, preferably those who work or have links to NGOs where you may want to work. You then will have to spark a conversation with them (Linkedin helps you with several of these opportunities) and get the person to know about you and what you can offer.

3. Connect with people who can help you get a job with an NGO

You will have to get both online and offline connections. Join and meet people already in the NGO field on social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Twitter etc.

Also connect offline during on-site workshops, seminars, events, community services, reachouts, etc. There are little that speaks well of someone’s working ability as seeing the person out there actually doing the job.

4. Keep your professional knowledge fresh with workshops and courses

There are courses that will bring you so much closer to hitting a UN job. Also, many of these are also free. Amnesty International gives out Human Rights courses for free. Click here to view free Human Rights courses.

The more your CV will say about how much you know about the job description, the better your chances at landing an NGO job in Cameroon.

5. Speak another language

Depending the organisation, developing at least conversational skills in an additional language could boost your chances when applying for NGO jobs in Cameroon.

The ability to speak and understand both french and English is especially valued, and sometimes demanded. Knowledge of local languages will enable you to communicate with different local groups and personnel that will allow you to work far more effectively.

6. Work experience

Work experience provides valuable insight into what type of work you would like to do within an NGO. Some larger NGOs offer internship opportunities that often pay some costs and enable you to learn the ropes from the inside.

Many NGOs offer internship opportunities though they are largely unpaid but it will help you land an NGO job. Look out for internship opportunities on the websites of NGOs.

Relief jobs in Cameroon 2022
UNjobs in Cameroon 2022
NGO jobs in Cameroon 2022

7. Volunteering

Volunteering is by far the most common method of gaining suitable experience for work in an NGOs in Cameroon. Even just a few hours a week can make a big impact on you over a short term, helping you to understand your skills and enhance your CV. Volunteering very much exposes you for NGO jobs. Many NGOs simply will not survive without the dedicated time and support of a network of volunteers.

NGOs are always looking for volunteers eager to learn and who are committed to their work. Many NGO professionals have gotten their first experience and taste for working within an NGO by volunteering. Most organisation’s find it hard to lose a hardworking and influential volunteer that they rather offer a position for them in their organisation.

8. Regularly check up job listings

Many NGO job listings are urgent needing that the position be filled as soon as possible. The candidate that will keep their ear down and apply earlier usually have a higher chance at getting shortlisted for the position. Checking job listings at least 3 times a week should give your a good chance at staying current on passing opportunities.

9. Be ready to impress potential employers on the go

There may be a time when you have a minute or two with an employer at an event. In this brief time, you will have to introduce yourself and tell them what experience you have that they may need in their organisation. So you need to be prepared with a good pitch (elevator pitch) that you can sell yourself to potential employers.

10. Accept new tasks that will boost your appeal and expand your capabilities at your current job

As you search for a new NGO job in Cameroon, it is good that you use the opportunity you still have serving in your current job to boost your appeal. Eventhough it may be out of your job description, accept activities and tasks that will show your future employer that you have experience in the tasks they may be carrying out at their organisation.

11. Improve your soft skills

Research has shown that employers are quickly moving away from only the technical skills needed for the job and favouring soft skills more. Employers have agreed that they rather have employers with good soft skills in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, decision-making, organisational and stress management than experts without them.

Improving your soft skills will make you more appealing to employers and give you a greater chance at landing an NGO job in Cameroon.

12. Keep your wardrobe up-to-date

Positive and smart looks boost self esteem and attract a favourable first impression. Getting a good set of clothings that will permit you to dress well for the occasion will favour you before an employer.

Ultimately, getting an NGO job in Cameroon is all about preparing yourself for it and then applying for the job. Landing a good job here is not by chance. If you take the right steps at preparation, you will be opened to many opportunities.

Relief jobs in Cameroon 2022
UNjobs in Cameroon 2022
NGO jobs in Cameroon 2022