Jobs in Cameroon


Finding a job in Cameroon is becoming tougher by the day. The job market is filled with jobless Cameroonians looking at leaving unemployment and others in less paying or less satisfactory roles seeking to join other companies which have better to offer them.

Jobseekers need to land a job as soon as possible while employers need vacant positions filled as soon as they can with the right candidate. The job seekers and the employing companies are all needy.

Employer companies receive hundreds of job applications in response to job adverts and have little time to sort the applications for urgent positions. There are a few things companies look for in job applications that make them drop out of any applications which do not have these characteristics.

Only job seekers who know the tips and tricks can quickly land the right jobs in Cameroon.

Getting the right job does not have to be hard if you know what you should know and do what you should do.

There are some simple tips and tricks that can set you well on your way to getting the right job in Cameroon. We will do our best in this article to give you tips and tricks on landing the right job in Cameroon.

Get recommendations and referrals

Statistics show that more than 60% of jobs in Cameroon are landed through referrals. The jobs were not advertised online or even externally. Some of these job openings are discussed internally. Also, most high profile and executive work roles at big or rapidly growing companies are not advertised externally. Employers, in this case, prefer to rely on recommendations and referrals from people they already know and trust as it holds less risk.

Research also suggests that applying for job postings has a low success rate (as we will discuss the following). This means that you will have to apply multiple times with your cv than if you also try at getting recommendations and referrals.

The secret here is to network with people working in the industry you want to get into or better still people working in the companies you desire. This way, they can lead you into unannounced job vacancies in the company or elsewhere in the industry. Networking is knowing and connecting with the people who matter in your industry – those people who can help you get a job in your industry. Networking or connecting is not only done electronically via social media. You can also network with the right people during on-site events like workshops, seminars, and fairs.

Get ready at such events to briefly and properly sell yourself to them as to your skills and experience in the line of work. If you have example projects you have participated in, you can draw their attention to these. It is not boasting, it is simply sales.
Jobs in Cameroon 2022
Cameroon jobs 2022

Make use of your social media presence

Employers and recruiters are looking for a good CV from you to help them decide if you are the candidate they seek. However, to be certain, they sometimes need more than the CV. Make use of your social media presence like Linkedin and Facebook to tell them you are the right candidate.

The tip here is to post articles, photos, projects, blogs, or even videos of your involvement in activities related to the type of job you seek. Recruiters have accepted that such information helps them make up their minds during the selection process. Knowledge in the industry and work experience have a way of winning the interest of recruiters. Cameroon jobs.

Show off your transferable skills

During a job application, your aim is to tell recruiters that you are the right person for the role in question. However, you also want to let them know that you can also be a round peg if the hole changes to become a round hole.

The tip here is to let them into the knowledge that you also have transferable skills and tell them how these skills fit in the role advertised. Employers like versatile and dynamic personnel as industries are disrupted more often these days than before. If things change tomorrow, they should know that they can count on you and not to have to go back to the job market to search for some other person that will fit. Jobs in Cameroon 2022
Cameroon jobs 2022

Use particular keywords and use them wisely

In this technology age, companies use software to track CVs from applicants to help them select from the hundreds that they have in line for the position. This software looks for particular words and CVs that do not have the words will undergo a rejection even before they have a chance at reading them. You would not want your application to suffer this feat.

The tip that applies here is to read the job description that comes with the position advertised. Read other similar job advertisements and take note of the words that repeat in them. Those are the words that your CV needs to contain. Use these words at the top of your CV to catch the reader’s interest earlier for a favourable early impression. Make sure that you use the words properly in context. Failing, the impression you give will be counter to expected.

Win with your cover letter

Besides the CV, the recruiter also uses your cover letter to also help them know if you are the right candidate. So, you need to know the difference between a CV and a cover letter. You don’t have to echo the contents of your CV on your cover letter. Use the cover letter to stir the recruiter’s interest. Let your cover letter win you over.

The tip here is that in your cover letter, you should answer questions like why is this company special to me, how can I fit in the company’s work culture, and how I particularly fit this role. You can illustrate your answer in a story format but in brief. This implies that you should have done your background research on the hiring company so that you can answer in line with your findings. This will help you stand out from the other candidates with boring cover letters.
Jobs in Cameroon 2022
Cameroon jobs 2022

Review your CV and cover letter for mistakes

The CV and cover letter are the first contact the recruiter is having with you, the candidate, so you have to give the right first impression. If this first contact consists of simple errors like misspellings and grammar mistakes, the recruiter will certainly think that you will also be this careless with your future work with your hiring company if they hire you.

The tip here is to review your CV and cover letter multiple times to get rid of errors and mistakes. You can use smart grammar and spell-checking applications like Grammarly. Grammarly when used makes you already start looking smart right from your writing. You can ask a sibling or friend to help review your copies to see with a fresh eye what you may have missed. Jobs in Cameroon 2022
Cameroon jobs 2022

Stay motivated and keep applying

In the job search market, you are competing with many others for the few current jobs. If you are not especially the best at what you are applying for, or you are one of a few experts in your industry, or if you are a smart job hacker (using these tips we provide), then prepare to be in the job searching for from 4 to 12 months. You may as well make good use of these months to do your best to land for yourself a job.

Research says that on average, people write between 15 to 70 job applications before they hit a serious offer. If you remain motivated and commit to making “one job application per day”, by the end of your 4th month, you will have applied your share of 70 applications. This will give you a serious advantage over those others who apply for a couple of jobs at a time and then wait for the response before they continue applying for others. It is such dedication that will multiply your chances and prove your dedication over the complacent others.

You should be positive after applying to start preparing for your interview in advance
At times, interviews come on short notice. It is better that you prepare for it when you are calm and settled than to start hurrying to prepare when you get that it will be soon. Do not be caught off-guard by the interview or any interview question.

The tip you should take is to go through common interview questions and answers in preparation. When you are well prepared, you will be cool, calm, and collected during the interview. This will tell your interviewer that you are confident and can prepare for the job.
Jobs in Cameroon 2022
Cameroon jobs 2022