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Grant Opportunities: Women Build Web3 Accelerator Programme

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Deadline: 22-Dec-22

Applications for Women Build Web3 Accelerator Programme are now open to support projects where 50% or more of the technical team are women and non-binary people.

This no-strings-attached accelerator will provide funding starting at $5K, and up to $30K per team, distributed as they meet self-defined milestones. This accelerator is open to teams and projects that have not raised significant VC funding. Projects can be new or existing.

Why should you apply?
  • Global Community: They work directly with their community of developers from around the world to identify promising early-stage projects.
  • Dedicated Curriculum: They’re here to support their founders through a series of 12 workshops covering impactful topics.
  • Virtual Events: The events take place virtually, insuring that the Accelerator is accessible to teams all across the globe!
  • Weekly Sessions: Teams will attend a weekly vibes sesh to problem solve, and answer questions. They will also host weekly workshops to support projects.
  • They just want to fund dope shit. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
  • In addition to workshops, they’ll host a weekly vibes sesh that serve as a coworking space, and a time to connect with other teams and learn about the other projects in the cohort.
  • Their team will be here to help you with everything from technical building, design, product testing and fundraising
  • Assisted by mentors, leading investors, and entrepreneurs in the space
Eligibility Criteria
  • Be purr-pared! Teams must have at least 50% of their technical team identify as women or nonbinary. Additionally, teams must meet one of the following to be considered eligible:
  • Completion of the 30 Days of Web3 program prior to September 22nd.
  • Have an existing project to be reviewed for technical assessment.

For more information, visit https://www.womenbuildweb3.com/accelerator

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