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Grant Opportunities: Unlock Your Leadership Program 2022-2023

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Deadline: 12-Aug-22

The Coaching Fellowship (TCF) is seeking applications for the Unlock Your Leadership Program to increase the leadership capacity of the next generation of women leaders in social and environmental change.

Unlock Your Leadership is a one-of-a-kind, transformational leadership program developed over eight years of coaching, training, and championing more than 1,500 women change leaders across the globe. Designed to accelerate leadership capacity, it is the only program that is specifically created for high-potential and early-career women working in social and environmental change.

Women who are selected to join the Unlock Your Leadership program will become part of the Women’s Impact Alliance.

This special group of women impact leaders are selected based on the scope and scale of their impact, their potential to accelerate change, and their commitment to self-development.

Program Highlights

In the 1-Year Unlock Your Leadership program, participants:

  • Are matched with a certified coach experienced in working with executive leaders in both profit and not-for-profit organizations
  • Focus on both personal and leadership development over a 6-month period of one-on-one coaching
  • Engage in leadership lab workshops
  • Become members of trusted peer-to-peer forums that allow them to expand their network, build leadership skills, and provide peer support

By participating in the Unlock Your Leadership program you will:

  • Clarify your core values and how to lead with power and authenticity
  • Identify your core limiting beliefs and learn to access the wisdom of your inner leader.
  • Gain practical strategies and tools for personal and leadership resiliency, and well being
  • Explore what it means to lead with courage and vulnerability
  • Build resilience and capacity to think clearly under pressure
  • Strategize approaches to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity
  • Cultivate mindful self-compassion practices that allow you to do your work with more ease
  • Learn practices for radical self-care and wellbeing
  • Expand the concept of leadership agility and learn to lead in different ways to meet the needs of different situations.
  • Practice strengthening your leadership multi-dimensionality
  • Deepen confidence in your leadership
Program Outcomes
  • Increase self-confidence and courage to show up as a leader
  • Learn how to use core strengths that amplify impact
  • Identify and shift crucial limiting beliefs
  • Discover values and align with purpose to accelerate impact and potential
  • Experience the transformational impact of receiving empowering support from coach and peers
  • Create new connections and develop life-long allies and friends
Why should you apply?
  • Through the combination of executive coaching, trusted peer-to-peer forums, and leader-lab practice modules, our Unlock Your Leadership Program is designed to increase leadership capacity. It is the only program specifically created for high-potential and early-career women working in social and environmental change.
  • Having access to a coach can be a significant influence on professional and personal development. If you want greater understanding of your strengths, if you need to make a change or a complex decision, if you want to step deeply into your leadership, if you are seeking balance and purpose, one of our coaches can help you.
Eligibility Criteria

The Unlock Your Leadership Program is open to any early stage career woman leader and women-identifying individuals based anywhere in the world, who are today transforming the world for the better.

They are looking for a candidate who is:

  • A high potential early career woman leader
  • Strongly committed to changing the planet and can demonstrate existing change
  • Doing something extraordinary
  • Dedicated to her self-discovery and development
  • Willing to speak freely about both her difficulties and triumphs
  • Realistic about her goals for coaching (feasible for completion within a six-month period)
  • Clear on what she can expect from coaching
  • Open to being challenged by a coach to explore outside her comfort zone
  • Willing to give her coach feedback on their coaching conversation and relationship
  • A strong commitment to the value of fellowship and community
  • Program places are prioritized for non-profit and social impact leaders. They do consider applicants from for-profits who clearly demonstrate their organizations’ social impact and mission.

For more information, visit https://www.tcfs.org/program/

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