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Grant Opportunities: UNDP Small Grant (US$60,000 and US$125,000) for NGOs and CSOs in Developing Countries

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Deadline: 19 October 2022

The Adaptation Fund Climate Innovation Accelerator (AFCIA) administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has opened its second call for proposals for small grant funding.

The AFCIA targets a broad range of potential finance recipients, including governments, non-governmental organisations, community groups, young innovators and other vulnerable groups.

The AFCIA will provide small grants to developing countries to support innovation for effective, long-term adaptation to climate change and is part of the Adaptation Fund’s Innovation Facility.

The main objective of the grants – US$60,000 and US$125,000 – are to enhance local climate action and accelerate the delivery of targets outlined in the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals, through the implementation and diffusion of innovative locally-led adaptation practices, tools, and technologies.

The UNDP-administered AFCIA grant window, which counts with an additional financial contribution from the European Union, is managed through the AF-EU-UNDP Innovation Small Grant Aggregator Platform (ISGAP) Programme. The ISGAP Programme provides funding to applicants on a competitive basis, with selected grantees to operate and manage their projects by themselves with support from UNDP.

Focus Areas
  • The AFCIA will focus on producing two of the expected results of the ‘Strategic Focus 2 (Innovation)’ in the Adaptation Fund Medium-Term Strategy 2018-2022, which are:
    • (Expected Results 3) New innovations encouraged and accelerated – Development of innovative adaptation practices, tools and technologies encouraged and accelerated; and
    • (Expected Result 4) Evidence base generated – Evidence of effective, efficient adaptation practices, products and technologies generated as a basis for implementing entities and other funds to assess scaling up.
Grant Categories
  • US$60,000 – for new, piloting projects, new solutions, new technology innovations, social innovations.
  • US$125,000 – for organizations with established customers/beneficiaries base to scale-up or replicate solutions in different regions/spaces.
Eligibility Criteria
  • (UNDP) The programme is open to Not-for-profit, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Business Member Association (BMO), other Association, Cooperative, Community Based Organizations registered in a developing country.

For more information, visit https://www.adaptation-undp.org/undp-opens-second-call-proposals-grant-funding-under-adaptation-fund-climate-innovation-accelerator

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