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Grant Opportunities: The Alliance HPSR issues Call for Proposals to Develop a Podcast Series

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Deadline: 21-Nov-22

The Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research (HPSR) invites proposals from a partnership between health communications experts and public health researchers to produce, host and distribute a limited podcast series on the topic of embedded implementation research for the Alliance.

The five episode series will involve working closely with the Alliance to define the format and select interviewees. Marketing of the limited series will be prepared by the team on behalf of the Alliance. This is not a research call.

Embedded implementation research encourages collaboration between researchers, implementers and policy-makers in the design, production, interpretation and use of health policy and systems research. By integrating health systems decision-makers into the research process – also known as embedding – the approach promotes greater ownership of the research and increases the use of research findings for policy and programme improvements.


The objective of this call is to develop, produce and host a limited podcast series on the use of the embedded implementation research approach in HPSR. The specific objectives of the series are to:

  • Provide an overview of what the EIR approach is and its benefits;
  • Explain what is required for a successful EIR project using examples;
  • Highlight LMIC experiences of using EIR, with at least one episode focusing on immunization; and
  • Present key challenges when undertaking EIR projects and how to overcome them.

The Alliance is seeking to produce a limited series podcast comprising of five episodes on using the embedded implementation research approach in HPSR, especially in the context of attaining the SDGs. Each episode will be approximately 20 minutes, and should work both as a standalone episode, and as part of the series. The format of the episodes should be part of the proposal, but they expect at least some interviews with people who have undertaken and benefited from EIR in health systems in LMICs. At least two of the episodes should draw on work that the Alliance has undertaken with support from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.

Outcomes from some of their studies have been captured in special issues of different journals (indicates those supported by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance):

  • Using embedded implementation research to improve immunization services and expand coverage in Ethiopia.
  • Implementation research for immunization.
  • Embedded implementation research in the Americas.
  • Building capacity to take embedded implementation research to scale in Ethiopia.
  • Innovations in Implementation Research in LMICs.

The Alliance is looking to work with a small team of expert health communicators working alongside public health researchers to produce this series. The team will work closely with the Alliance to refine the format for the episodes and select experts for interviews. However, the sound design and production (which will involve interviews from around the world, especially in LMICs), as well as the hosting will be undertaken by the team. Marketing and dissemination of the series will be prepared for the Alliance.

Eligibility Criteria

Teams submitting proposals to this call must demonstrate a mix of core competencies, including:

  • High-quality sound production/engineering expertise (including sourcing music and editing);
  • Storytelling and editorial ability;
  • Knowledge of health and HPSR;
  • Ability to work and record interviews remotely; and
  • Experience in previous podcast production and/or media preferred.

There are no geographic requirements for this call for proposals, though teams that involve members from LMICs are encouraged to apply. Teams with a gender balance and/or led by women are also encouraged to apply.

For more information, visit https://ahpsr.who.int/funding-opportunities

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