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Grant Opportunities: Teach a Man to Fish: School Enterprise Challenge (USD $25,000 worth of prizes available)

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Deadline: 22-Nov-22

Entries are now open for the School Enterprise Challenge an international business programme for schools.

It helps young people all around the world to develop business skills and essential life skills.

The School Enterprise Challenge is an award-winning educational programme that is available to any school around the world through a free, all-inclusive online platform.


Benefits for young people: Experiential Learning

  • Get practical experience running a real business
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills
    • Creativity
    • Analysis
    • Financial management
    • Growth mindset
  • Develop key life skills
    • Communications
    • Teamwork
    • Leadership
    • Problem solving
  • Be part of a global movement of young entrepreneurs!

Benefits for Teachers: Experiential Teaching

  • Get access to a wide variety of teaching materials
    • Business guides with explanations + activities
    • Explainer videos
    • Mini-competitions: ready-made challenges for your students
  • Learn about business (this has many benefits in your personal life!)
  • Ability to bring academic subjects to life through real-life examples
  • Develop new teaching techniques
  • Boost your CV
  • Gain recognition and have the chance to win prizes.


  • Here are 4 top tips for teachers taking part in the School Enterprise Challenge:
    • Tip 1: Get to know the educational materials
      • They encourage teachers to register their school and familiarise themselves with the content of the educational materials before gathering the team of students. It’s always good to know what to expect before you start!
    • Tip 2: Get support from your colleagues
      • They recommend having permission from your school management before registering and having at least one other teacher who could support you with running the School Enterprise Challenge at your school. Involving more teachers makes it easier to manage the programme and adds to the richness of the experience!
    • Tip 3: Plan your participation
      • Look at your school calendar, think about when your school holidays and exam periods are, and plan accordingly!
    • Tip 4: Get up and running quickly
      • Step 1 (coming up with a Business Idea) and Step 2 (creating a Business Plan) can be done quite quickly. In fact, many teams complete the first two steps in under two months. The quicker you complete these first two steps, the sooner you can take on Step 3 (launching and running the business and completing an Annual Report) which is the most fun part of the programme and also the section where the most learning and skills acquisition happens!
Funding Information
  • There is more than USD $25,000 worth of prizes available for the best entries in the School Enterprise Challenge 2022!
  • Business Idea
    • 5x Business Idea: USD $200 each
  • Business Plan
    • Top Global Prize: USD $1500
    • Best Bronze Business Plan: USD $1000
    • Best Silver Business Plan: USD $1000
    • Best Gold Business Plan: USD $1000
  • Business Implementation
    • Top Global Prize: USD $5000
    • Best Bronze Annual Report: USD $1500
    • Best Silver Annual Report: USD $1500
    • Best Gold Annual Report: USD $1500
  • Special Category
    • 3x Sustainable Development Champion: USD $750 each
    • Special Recognisation (public vote): USD $1000
    • Headteacher Award: USD $500
    • Inspirational Teacher Award: USD $500
    • 5x Transformative Teaching: USD $100 each
    • Enterprising Student Award: Laptop
    • 2x Enterprising Student Runner-Up: Camera Each
    • Graduate of the Year: USD $250 each
Eligibility Criteria
  • The School Enterprise Challenge is open to all schools from all countries, including: pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and technical/vocational colleges. Please note that universities are not eligible to take part.
  • By accepting our terms and conditions and entering into the School Enterprise Challenge you allow Teach A Man To Fish to use any photographs or videos that you have shared with us in our own publications and social media and you confirm that you have consent from the children featured in those photographs/videos and their parents/guardian or the NGO responsible for them (if required by local law) to use those photographs or videos.

For more information, visit https://www.schoolenterprisechallenge.org/about/timeline

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