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Grant Opportunities: Submit Nominations for World Smart City Awards 2022

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Deadline: 7-Sep-22

The Smart City Expo World Congress is currently seeking nominations for the World Smart City Awards (WSCA) 2022 to recognize and support innovative city strategies, projects and ideas that can potentially make an impact on citizens’ lives and turn the cities into more sustainable and inclusive places to live in.

The aim of the Call for Awards is to recognize, promote and support innovative solutions or strategies that can potentially change citizen’s lives by increasing efficiency, generating business and improving quality of life. Cities, businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, digital innovators, developers, research centers, universities, civic techs, civil society representatives, non-governmental organizations, cooperatives, consortiums (public-private) and social activists are welcome to submit projects and initiatives that cover one of this year’s topics.

The WSCA has been established to identify cities, projects related to the topics of the event and innovative ideasthat are making urban areas worldwide more liveable, environmentally sustainable, and economically thriving, as well as stimulating diversity, social inclusion, equity, safety and collaboration, thus enhancing the quality of life for all.

Winners will be announced in front of a large, global audience of smart city professionals, providing an unparalleled opportunity to show the world your work and put it in the spotlight on a world-renowned platform.

  • City Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Leadership Award
  • Enabling Technologies Award
  • Energy & Environment Award
  • Mobility Award
  • Governance & Economy Award
  • Living & Inclusion Award
  • Safety & Security Award
  • Infrastructure & Buildings Award
Eligibility Criteria

The World Smart City Awards are aimed at both public and private companies, cities, entrepreneurs, digital innovators, developers, research centers, universities, civil society representatives, NGOs, cooperatives, consortiums and social activists with disruptive visions and solutions for the management and development of the cities.

For more information, visit https://www.smartcityexpo.com/call-for-awards-2022/

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