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Grant Opportunities: Submit Applications for Reimagine Education Conference & Awards

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Deadline: 16-Sep-22

Applications are now open for the Reimagine Education Conference & Awards.

Reimagine Education is a global conference and competition, open to educational innovators from all around the world. The conference brings together edtech startups, academic faculty from top institutions, Chief Innovation Officers, university leadership, teachers, and other stakeholders in the future of teaching and learning.

The Reimagine Education Awards – the ‘Oscars’ of Education – reward innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes and employability, offering $50,000 in funding to the overall winners.

Award Categories
  • AI in Education
  • Immersive Experiential Learning (XR, Metaverse, Gaming)
  • Access, Diversity & Inclusion
  • E-Learning
  • Digital Readiness (Data Analytics, Security, Privacy, Equity)
  • Breakthrough Tech Innovation in Education (ICT Tools, Edu Apps, Instructional Technologies)
  • The Power of Partnerships
  • Science of Learning
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Best Online Program
  • Developing Emerging Skills
  • Nurturing Employability
  • Blended & Presence Learning
  • Learning Assessment
  • Nurturing Wellbeing & Purpose
  • Sustainability Education
  • Nurturing Values and Ethics
  • Innovation in Business Education
Award Details
  • GLOBAL EDUCATION AWARD: The Reimagine Education Global Education Award Winner will receive US$ 25,000 in funding.
  • GLOBAL EDTECH AWARD: The Reimagine Education Global Education Award Winner will receive US$ 25,000 in funding.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applications to the 2022 Reimagine Education Awards Competition should be submitted in English only.
  • Applications to the 2022 Reimagine Education Competition should focus on enhancing learning outcomes, or students’ employability, or pertaining education in other relevant ways. Entries which will not meet these basic entry requirements, will be rejected.
  • The organizers reserve the right to reallocate any application to a different award category at their discretion. In applying, applicants acknowledge the finality and non-negotiability of all such decisions.
  • No applicant may apply to more than one award category with the same project. In the event of ambiguity existing with regards to a submission’s most suitable category, applicants will be expected to consult the organisers for guidance. In applying, applicants acknowledge that, in the event of an application being submitted to more than one category in identical or highly similar form, the organizers reserve the right to delete additional submissions at their discretion, and such additional submissions will forego eligibility for all Reimagine Education Awards in 2022.
  • All entries must be supplied and conform to rules/submission formats.
  • All entries submitted must be legal.
  • Any entries containing offensive material will be disqualified.
  • Any entry that has a complaint upheld against it by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK, or similar bodies elsewhere, will be disqualified.
  • After the entry deadline entries cannot be withdrawn.
  • In applying, applicants acknowledge that all deadlines and/or dates pertaining to the 2022 Reimagine Education Awards may be subject to change, and that such changes will be communicated to all applicants via email.
  • Whilst every care will be taken in the storage of entries, the organisers will not accept responsibility for loss or damage of entries.
  • By entering these awards, the applicant gives the organisers the right to publish/exhibit screen grabs and/or submitted application. In the submission form, applicants can specify which information is publishable which ticking the appropriate box.

For more information, visit https://www.reimagine-education.com/

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