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Grant Opportunities: RFAs: Global Advocacy and Communications Partnership on Financial Health and Innovations

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Deadline: 1-Jul-22

The United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) invites applications from registered entities for the Global Advocacy and Communications Partnership on Financial Health (FH) and Innovations.

The purpose of this RFA is to identify an advocacy and communication partner to work with the FH programme, to drive integrated advocacy and communication engagements including building brand narratives and management that can work across the key stakeholder groups that are part of FH agenda.

The platform is proposed to work as a convener, to bring together global, regional and local actors committed to using financial and digital solutions to improve the financial lives of low-income families—helping them climb – and stay – out of poverty. The portfolio creates space for thought leadership where best financial health practices and models are exchanged and lead to concrete action with governments and the private sector.


The objective of the focus one and two is to amplify the work under i3 programme and build narratives that could lead to creation of broader advocacy efforts around financial health. All communication activities can be aligned to this singular goal, by combining the four broader, the advocacy and communication partner would assist with the actions and would have to propose a strategy for achieving the same.

  • GCFH Story Engine
  • Impact Advocacy
  • Digital Story Telling Engine
  • Policy Advocacy
Funding Information
  • UNCDF’s contributions can range from USD 200,000 – 250,000. UNCDF will award 1 application depending on the investment readiness level and outreach potential of the proposed proposal.
  • The current PBA would be drawn for a period of 9 months. Activities are expected to be terminated no later than 02/23. Final and assessment reports will have to be submitted no later than 03/23.
Expected Results
  • All applications must include targets on the indicators. The targets must be disaggregated for the selected target groups. Applicants who are not able to report on one or multiple indicators or provide disaggregated data should include a note with the reason.
  • The targets will be considered in the evaluation of the applications. During the negotiation process of the performance-based agreement, selected applicants and UNCDF shall develop a monitoring framework. This may include additional indicators and targets, tailored to the scope of the proposed solution, activities and expected results.

Geographical scope: Global specifically Asia Pacific Region, Latin America, Africa.

Target segment: The target segment for this advocacy engagement is Government, Policy Makers, Private Sector Businesses, Media, etc

Eligibility Criteria
  • Entity registration
    • The applicant/ lead applicant must be at least 3 years old registered entity i.e., Integrated Communication and Design firm, Policy Consultancy, etc.
  • Country of operation
    • The lead applicant can be based anywhere globally/duly registered and having at least one year of operations in the space of advocacy and communications. Their partnership should cover markets like Asia, Africa,Latin America at-least.
  • Consortiums (when applicable)
    • Applicants can apply only once under this RFA, whether independently or in a consortium.
    • Joint applications between market players in the target country or countries are encouraged if the solution proposed will expand the advocacy and agenda mainstreaming in multiple geographies.
    • Applications from consortiums of organizations must show that the partnership was established prior to this call for applications.

For more information, visit https://www.uncdf.org/article/7789/global-advocacy-and-communications-partnership-on-financial-health-and-innovations

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