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Grant Opportunities: RFAs: Data Systems Implementation for Migrant Remittances and Financial Services

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Deadline: 31-Jul-22

The UNCDF has launched a request for applications focused on data systems implementation for Migrant Remittances and Financial Services.

UNCDF is seeking to engage a data engineering firm to build and deploy a 'data lakehouse' (lake + warehouse) that will streamline the collection, processing, curation, and analysis of demand and supply-side remittance data, and to develop interactive dashboards that will inform remittance markets and stakeholders.

UNCDF aims to address two broad research questions within the topic of remittances:

  • To what degree can the shift from cash to digital remittances strengthen the financial inclusion, Resilience and inclusive growth of migrants and their families?
  • How can innovation and policies be improved to ensure digital remittances reach and address the needs of customers – with a focus on the delivery of last-mile remittance services (eg, to reach low-income migrants and families, women and youth)?
Funding Information
  • Up to US$500,000 for the first year, with possible annual renewal of the contract subject to positive performance appraisal for the period 2022-2025. The intention for this project is to be three years with subject to positive performance appraisal and additional funding available.
  • Duration: 2022-2023 with possibility for annual renewal
Eligibility Criteria
  • Any type of organization (eg, commercial for-profit firm, research institution, non-profit organization, university) is eligible to apply.
  • Applicants may apply independently or as part of a consortium, provided that the consortium was established prior to this request for applications being issued.
  • Applicants with experience in the remittances and migration market and with UN agencies and/or developing economy markets will be preferred.
  • Only applications that meet the eligibility requirements and minimum criteria for the submission will be scored.
  • The applicant or lead applicant must be a registered entity.
  • The applicant or lead applicant must be an organization (eg, commercial for-profit firm, educational institution, non-profit organization or university).
  • Applicants may apply independently or as part of a consortium, provided the consortium partnership was established prior to issuance of this request for applications.
  • Applicants may apply only once under this RFA, whether independently or as part of a consortium.
  • The lead applicant must be a registered entity with at least one year of operations and must have statutory accounts and audited financial statements for at least one operating year.
  • Applicants shall not have been the subject of bankruptcy, liquidation, judicial settlement, safeguarding, and cessation of activity or any other similar situation resulting from a similar procedure.
  • No applicant – including individual employees and members of its board of directors – shall be included on any United Nations financial sanctions lists, particularly in the fight against the financing of terrorism and against attacks on international peace and security.

For more information, visit UNCDF.









For more information, visit https://www.uncdf.org/article/7799/rfa-data-systems-implementation-for-migrant-remittances-and-financial-services

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