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Grant Opportunities: Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development 2022

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Deadline: 15-Dec-22

The Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) announces the 8th goal of the SDGs 2030 as subject for the year 2022 of Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development “Decent Work and Economic Growth” and invites the United Nations, international and regional organizations, ministries and public institutions, social business enterprises, national NGOs, individuals, and development actors worldwide to submit nominations for the Prize.

Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development, carries a financial reward of US$ 1,000,000, awarded annually by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) with the aim of inciting and encouraging innovation and creativity in human development. The idea of the Prize is stemmed from AGFUND’s approach to enhance development performance and support key development projects in order to achieve the goal of sustainability and investment in people.


Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development aims to:

  • Support the distinguished efforts aiming at the promotion and enhancement of human development concepts.
  • Disseminate the successful project experiences.
  • Highlight the best practices, which aim to improve the living conditions of the poor and disadvantaged with particular emphasis on women and children.
  • Enhance the exchange of experiences and develop better mechanisms to find solutions to the problems of poverty, marginalization and socioeconomic exclusion of vulnerable groups.
Thematic Focus

Each year, the Prize Committee selects the thematic focus for the Prize, taking into account the diversity and non-repetitive themes. The objective is to highlight the innovative experiences and continuously support the distinguished efforts in various field of development. The Prize themes always focus on increasing the knowledge in the field of human development and its proper management.

Prize Details

Prince Talal International Prize carries amount of US$1,000,000, divided into four categories:

  • The First category prize (US$ 400,000), specified for projects implemented by UN agencies or international and regional NGOs.
  • The Second category prize (US$ 300,000), specified for projects implemented by national NGOs.
  • The Third category prize (US$ 200,000), specified for projects implemented by governmental bodies (ministries and public institutions) or social business enterprises.
  • The Fourth category prize (US$ 100,000), specified for projects initiated, funded and/or implemented by individuals.
Eligibility Criteria
  • No one can nominate his/her or its project. However, each of the following entities is eligible, as third party, to nominate for the Prize; UN organizations, regional, international and national NGOs, governments agencies, public institutions, universities and research centers, syndicates and experts in the field.
  • The eligible projects for Prince Talal International Prize are the development projects that are implemented in the developing countries to achieve all or some of the targets of the sustainable development goal set as as subject of the Prize.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Innovative ways with which the project relates to AGFUND mission, values and objectives and to the theme of the Prize.
  • Contribution of project design to efficient and effective management and to the fulfillment of project objectives.
  • Degree of relevance of project objectives to the theme of the Prize.
  • Project impact in terms of types of services provided, and access to project’s benefits and services.
  • Participation of target beneficiaries in the process of project design and preparation.
  • Project transferability or adaptability to other areas/ countries.
  • Efficiency of financial management and resource utilization and timelyimplementation.
  • Fulfillment of project objectives.
  • Sustainability of project activities, benefits and services.
  • Environmental and social impact.

For more information, visit https://agfund.org/en/mediaCenter/news/view/286

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