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Friday, December 1, 2023

Grant Opportunities: Palladium launches Call for Proposals for 2022 Challenge Fund

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Deadline: 31-Jul-22

Applications are now open for the Palladium Challenge Fund which brings in ideas from their network in over 90 countries and partnership with over 1,600 organisations globally to source innovative responses to global challenges.

The fund organisations and initiatives that:

  • Pilot new technologies and innovative approaches
  • De-risk start-up ventures
  • Deliver outcomes from innovative financial mechanisms
  • Support the convening of innovative challenges
  • The Palladium Challenge Fund: Measuring the Value of Nature is seeking proposals from organisations with innovative solutions to impact management, monitoring, and valuation of nature-based solutions. They are looking for solutions that:
    • Pilot new technologies and/or innovative approaches to valuing nature
    • Tools for measuring the effectiveness of nature-based solutions
    • Create frameworks for businesses to measure their environmental impact and match them to potential solutions
  • The Palladium Challenge Fund: Jobs for Refugees is seeking proposals from organisations with innovative and sustainable solutions to employ refugees or match refugees to employers. They are looking for solutions that:
    • Offer innovative and cost-effective approaches to skills training for refugees with a clear pathway to stable and secure employment
    • Connect refugees with employers, be that through integration within country service provision, use of online platforms, or in-person support at refugee community centres
    • Make effective use of technology to expand and customise learning for refugee communities or;
    • Overcome barriers to employment, for example, to include schemes that provide childcare alongside employment or support with employee registration
Funding Information

To apply for funding up to AU$75,000.00.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The Palladium Challenge Fund is open to applications from all types of organisations. They particularly welcome applications from small and/or start-up organisations that demonstrate innovation and scalability.
  • The application process (for referring projects for funding) is both open and accessible to employees, external partners, and other interested parties.
  • Only applications presented in the Palladium Challenge Fund Application Form and related to the annual theme will be considered. Any other letters of requests for grant support cannot be considered.
  • Applications to the Palladium Challenge Fund are deemed eligible for funding if they are:
    • from a for-profit, non-for profit or grassroots entity including small and/or start up organisations;
    • for single year activity however multi-year applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • All applicants must:
    • adhere to Palladium and Kyeema’s ethical business practices;
    • drive impact in countries in which Palladium is working;
    • ensure the appropriate approvals are in place to deliver activity in any target countries;
    • not have been the subject of any proceedings or other arrangements relating to bankruptcy, insolvency or financial standing in the last 5 years;
    • have fulfilled all obligations relating to the payment of income tax and/or sales tax or other tax contributions within the country Activate Windom;
    • declare any conflict of interests which impact the application — both perceived and real — and include details of how any conflict of interest concerns can be mitigated.

For more information, visit https://thepalladiumgroup.com/news/Palladium-Launches-Call-for-Proposals-for-2022-Challenge-Fund

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