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Grant Opportunities: Nominate Now! AfriSAFE 2022 Award (Africa)

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Deadline: 14-Jul-22

Nominations are now open for the AfriSAFE 2022 Award.

For this Among other things, the judges are more concern on how nominees have impacted the society at large while keeping their workplace safe. add prize info and eligibility

Africa Safety Award For Excellence (AfriSAFE) is an annual award project raising awareness in all areas of Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE), while also celebrating and showcasing the efforts and achievements of organizations, individuals and groups that go above and beyond to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for the benefit of mankind and the environment.

AfriSAFE is more than ‘Just an Award’; it is an Agenda; it is a movement for change— a clarion call for a Safer Workplace!

Companies are judged on a wide range of occupational health and safety elements, including employee training, OHS management systems, incident investigation, emergency preparedness and innovative health and safety initiatives.

AfriSAFE 2022 Award Categories
  • AfriSAFE Journalist Award: This award category recognizes outstanding journalistic work in newspapers, magazines, online, radio, television, video and other media channels that covers broad issues on public health and regulatory agency failure, relating to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE).
  • AfriSAFE Outstanding Woman In Safety Award: this award recognizes inspirational leadership and achievements of a woman whose expertise is clearly felt in the safety sector. The awardee(s) must have shown exceptional leadership qualities and made a genuinely long-lasting impact within their field of work.
  • AfriSAFE Trailblazers Award: This award recognizes HSE professionals who have trail the blaze and risen in rank in their organization to top management position like Director HSE, VP HSE etc. and have also mentored young professional.
  • AfriSAFE Lifetime Achievement Award: recognizes individuals across Africa, who have devoted a significant part of their working life to advancing the cause of health and safety in Africa, and whose specific achievements have clearly benefited many people regionally or nationally. Candidates must have had an evidential impact in the industry with a proven track record geared towards the improvement of Health & Safety.
    • Please Note: Lifetime Achievement Award is not applicable for individuals at the early stage of their careers.
  • AfriSAFE Young Innovator Award: recognizes young individuals that have created innovative inventions or projects aimed at addressing any health, safety and environmental challenges.
    • Their submissions must be original and not be alterations to patents held by others.
    • The Winner gets a cash price to support his / her innovation.
  • AfriSAFE Torch Bearers Award: recognizes individuals who are dedicated to continuous improvement in safety or have raised awareness through various health, safety, environmental initiatives thereby impacting their world of contact.
  • AfriSAFE Professional Of The Year: recognizes a person(s) with formal responsibility for HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment); whose enthusiasm, knowledge, and drive over the last 12 months has made a substantial contribution to workplace health, safety, wellbeing, and security
  • AfriSAFE CEO Of The Award: recognizes top executive who has made a vital contribution to the health and safety of their business and to the larger society.
  • AfriSAFE Icon Of The Year: recognizes a Government leader or head of Government agency that has over the last one year push the safety agenda across their agencies and has demonstrated outstanding commitment and impact to health, safety, security and environment in the larger community.
  • AfriSAFE Guardian Angel Award: recognizes very senior executive which may include Group HR Managers or Directors who has constantly shown extraordinary support to the HSSE unit / department and defended the safety agenda in their workplace.
  • AfriSAFE Legend Award: recognizes African leaders who had distinguished themselves and committed to the protection of people, property, resources, and the workplace / environment. It could be a businessperson, Head of Government Ministry / Agency / Parastatal or a celebrity who has made remarkable difference through unique initiatives in any area of Health, Safety, Environment etc.
    • It could be a business man, Head of Government Ministry, Agency or Parastatal or a celebrity who has made remarkable difference through unique initiatives / impact in promoting health, safety and wellbeing.
  • AfriSAFE Health & Safety Team Of The Year: recognizes HSSE teams that are making a significant difference in their workplace. The submission should demonstrate how the activities and initiatives implemented by the team within the award review year have helped to improve the health, safety, security or wellbeing standards and performance within either their own or a client organization.
  • AfriSAFE Excellence In Fire and Life Safety Award: recognizes individuals who have dedicated themselves to saving lives and properties through the development of codes, fire-prevention practices and leadership techniques.
    • Please Note: The Nominee must be a well experienced fire official with over 15 years in service.
  • AfriSAFE Mining Company Of The Year: recognizes companies in the mining sector– whose commitment to safety and excellent working practices has distinguished them in the industry. Assessment areas include staff investment, employee support programs, HSE initiatives, adherence to regulations, evidence of an excellent safety record, and examples of best practices or industry-leading safety programs.
  • AfriSAFE Best Health & Safety In Construction: recognizes a construction company, which has an exemplary health and safety record, with over 15 years in construction services. Entrants must explain its last construction project that ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone who had access to or worked on the construction site.
  • AfriSAFE Best Health & Safety In Manufacturing: recognizes manufacturing premises, which can demonstrate either an exemplary health and safety record or how it has taken significant steps to improve health and safety standards. Entrants must explain how they have ensured the health, safety and wellbeing of anyone who had access to or worked at the premises.
  • AfriSAFE Commendation Award: recognizes topmost Professional bodies that advocates safety awareness through knowledge sharing, webinars, collaborations, interventions etc, within the past one year, and whose influence has further helped to developed the safety profession.
  • AfriSAFE Merit Award: One or two merit awards will be given to organization that are of merit but do not readily sit in any of the categories mentioned above.
  • AfriSAFE CSR Of The Year Award: recognizes an organization whose corporate social responsibility had the greatest impact in promoting health, safety and wellbeing.
  • It could be through effective public campaign on any area of Health, Safety, Environment or sponsoring or support for HSE related activities.
  • AfriSAFE Training Provider of the Year: this award recognizes organizations that have being at the forefront in offering quality and innovative training in any area of HSE.
  • Area of assessment includes; quality of the trainers, training center, and training provided.
    • This is based on testimonials – course evaluation from trainees. Impact on HSE industry, e.g CSR activities, support for career development for professionals, accreditation of courses by local and international professional bodies.
  • AfriSAFE Food and Quality Safety Award: this award recognizes and rewards the dedication and achievement of a food safety and/or quality assurance team that has made exceptional contributions to uphold the highest food safety standards supported by quantifiable results.
  • AfriSAFE Hospitality Service Award: This award recognizes organizations who have demonstrated high standards of hygiene, ensuring the physical safety of guest and staff within their organizations or organization who put safety considerations in designs and general operations.
  • AfriSAFE Telecommunications Company of the Year: this award recognizes an organization that demonstrate dedication, commitment, consistency, direction and involvement in safety to their employees, the industry and the communities they serve.
  • AfriSAFE Oil and Gas Company of the Year: recognizes the outstanding health, safety and environmental achievements made within the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas Industry across Africa; rewarding success and commitment to quality Health, Safety and Environment.
  • AfriSAFE Security Company of the Year:  recognizes security organizations, which can demonstrate either an exemplary health and safety record or how it has taken significant steps to improve health and safety standards.
  • AfriSAFE Transportation / Logistics Company Of The Year: recognizes the dignity that the organization in the industry places on the staff, vehicle safety / aviation safety / maritime safety / railway safety by recognizing the top performers in the field, both in the company and at individual levels.
Award Information

AfriSAFE Journalist Award:  The grand winner of this category will receive $2000; runners-up will be eligible for product support.

Eligibility Criteria
  • 2022 AfriSAFE Lifetime Achievement Award: Top safety professionals / practitioners or top management including academia with quality work experience.
  • AfriSAFE Young Innovator Award: Any young person or collaborative effort from across Africa by young persons of not more than 23 years of Age.
  • AfriSAFE Torch Bearers Award: Any individual who has been at the forefront of promoting safety awareness via various means e.g community engagement, social media etc.
  • AfriSAFE Professional Of The Year: Nominees for this category must be an HSSE professional working in an establishment. The professional must have over 10 years’ experience.
  • AfriSAFE CEO Of The Year Award: Nominee must have displayed verifiable commitment to the health, safety and wellbeing of staff and subordinates. This is in recognition of the pivotal place leadership commitment plays in the achievement of organizational HSE goals.
  • AfriSAFE Guardian Angel Award: Any Top management team, HR director or Manager who have distinguished themselves in pushing for safety excellence and support in their workplace.
  • AfriSAFE Excellence In Fire And Life Safety Award: The nominee must be working for a local / municipal fire department or in an organization. Develop educational programs and materials in a consistent and creative way for their world of contact. Demonstrate excellence and innovation in reaching out to the local / larger community.
  • AfriSAFE Hospitality Service Award: Hospitals, Hotels and Real Estate companies are eligible for this category, with significant records submitted.

For more information, visit https://afrisafe.hsenations.com/nominate/

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