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Grant Opportunities: National Geographic Society Request For Proposals: Freshwater

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Deadline: 12-Oct-22

National Geographic Society is seeking innovative photography, short film, writing, data visualization and other storytelling proposals to help water users understand the issues around global water sustainability. This work will be supported by data, science and cartography provided by the National Geographic-supported World Water Map developed by Utrecht University.


The National Geographic is seeking projects that center around the following themes related to water:

  • Interconnectedness: Water is the great connector. Rivers span political boundaries, flowing from one community to the next. Moreover, nothing breaks down silos like water. It is bound up in cultural and religious practices, gender, geology, geography, public health, nature, geopolitics and the production and movement of food and other products. The Organization seeks stories that build nuance around  standard and didactic narratives, helping audiences to understand how these topics are all connected, just as we are.
  • Justice: The story of water is also fundamentally the story of power. Who controls access, where it flows, what this precious resource is used for–all boils down to privilege. How are issues of race and inequality refracted through the lens of access to water?
  • Change and Adaptation: Changes on earth due to global warming, human population growth and technology all result in changes to water supply and demand; water is an indicator of these changes to life on earth. Moreover, water and climate change are more closely linked than most people realize. The Organization seeks stories of solutions and resilience, in particular how people are adapting to these changes.
Funding Information and Duration
Applicants may request up to $20,000. Budgets of successful proposals will include reasonable, well justified costs directly required to complete the project. Successful applicants may use awarded funds over the course of one year. Some projects may be selected for additional funds after proof of concept is demonstrated.  All applications should explicitly state the plan for evaluating the impact of the proposed work. Applicants may use a portion of the budget for HEFAT or other security training, if applicable.
Eligible Projects

Projects that benefit local audiences or incorporate local voices are strongly encouraged. Water issues span nearly every aspect of the human and natural world; The National Geographic is seeking projects with a scientific underpinning and will be looking for these to be well-researched and grounded by science. Storytellers may choose to have a scientist on their team as an advisor to their work. Some journalists feel less comfortable or that they lack the right credentials or education to cover science stories. But journalists and storytellers who have less experience in scientific research may find that they have actually covered issues of social science extensively. If your work is related to inequities around access to resources like freshwater, you’ve covered a social-science story. The National Geographic seeks applications that show the spirit of scientific inquiry.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The National Geographic Society warmly welcomes and encourages applicants from historically and currently underrepresented and underserved populations to apply. National Geographic is committed to funding a diverse and globally representative cohort of Explorers.

For more information, visit Grant Opportunity.

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