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Grant Opportunities: Media Recognition Awards 2022: Diabetes & Hypertension

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Deadline: 30-Oct-22

The Merck Foundation is seeking applications for Media Recognition Awards 2022.

Theme: Strong and influential messages to promote a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness about prevention and early detection of Diabetes and Hypertension.

  • Print Media
  • Online Media
  • Radio
  • Multimedia.
  • Print Media: 500 USD
  • Online Media: 500 USD
  • Radio: 500 USD
  • Multimedia: 1000 USD.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Journalists from Print, Radio, Online, and Multimedia platforms from the following groups:
    • Southern African Countries
    • West African Countries
    • East African Countries
    • African French Speaking Countries
    • African Portuguese Speaking Countries.
  • The selection committee may decide to grant awards to more winners in each category based on the number and quality of applications received to give better opportunities for each region.
  • Submissions should be published and available in a public domain in order to be eligible.

For more information, visit https://merck-foundation.com/merckfoundation/public/uploads/news_and_applications/1663573423_a1681f9380cf7d5b1f9a.pdf

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