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Grant Opportunities: Julius Baer Foundation’s Grant Program to reduce Inequality and create Opportunities

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Deadline: 2-Dec-22

The Julius Baer Foundation is accepting applications for its grant program.

Vision: They envision a future where the disadvantaged and the privileged work together to create opportunities and share in a more equitable world.

  • They are committed to reducing inequalities in wealth, education, and opportunity.
  • Wealth disparities go beyond money. They support projects that empower all those involved to work across the wealth divide towards courageous solutions and a sharing of knowledge, networks, and opportunities.
  • Education builds self-confidence and new perspectives. They educate on the perils of inequality and motivate the next generation to contribute actively towards levelling the playing field in their communities.
  • Their projects aim to create dialogues across the wealth divide, between the privileged and the disadvantaged. In the spirit of their Foundation, both parties commit to active cooperation based on mutual respect and trust to kick-start truly sustainable innovation and pave the way for a society that provides equal opportunities for all.
  • Wealth Inequality: The Julius Baer Foundation strategically supports projects that help counterbalance the wealth divide and build trust between all groups in society. Working with pioneers in the field of wealth inequality, the Foundation also promotes initiatives that go beyond poverty reduction by bringing together all stakeholders to create mutually beneficial partnerships.
  • The Julius Baer Foundation aims to transform wealth inequality ideas into operating projects in the following ways:
    • Exposing the problem of inequality and understanding its particular context.
    • Identifying who is at the table – e.g. diverse social groups, partners, and stakeholders.
    • Constructing a rationale by understanding the motivation of each group.
    • Facilitating the negotiation of a common approach.
    • Acting as a ‘possibility broker’ for a wealth redistribution plan or strategy.
  • Education Inequality: The Julius Baer Foundation identifies and supports education projects and initiatives that help those born into poverty to break the cycle. Their goal is to lower the barriers that disadvantaged children experience as they compete for opportunities that are easily available to the privileged. Their approach focuses on providing abundant and diverse learning experiences beyond the standard curriculum and is based on the premise that to develop your talents, you must first discover them.
Eligibility Criteria

The Julius Baer Foundation supports partners that are impactful, well organized, and visionary, and that have a solid track record in their field. Please take the specified criteria within each strategic core area into consideration.

  • You may apply for funding under the following conditions:
    • Your project falls into one their two core areas: Wealth Inequality or Educational Inequality.
    • Your idea for a project on wealth inequality goes beyond poverty reduction.
    • You present a sound implementation plan and realistic budget for the requested funds.
    • You demonstrate, where possible, a likelihood of sustainability or legacy as well as impact.
    • Your proposal integrates other stakeholders into a collaborative project.
    • You have a co-funding system in place (JBF does not cover more than 50% of the total organisational budget).
  • Furthermore, the Julius Baer Foundation does not support:
    • Individuals
    • Political parties
    • Any faith-based organisations, regardless of religion
    • Leisure activities
    • Entertainment events
    • Projects that seek support solely for salaries and wages
    • Fundraising or awareness campaigns
    • Activities that will have a negative impact on the environment
    • Any further art institutions (except existing partnerships)

For more information, visit https://www.juliusbaer.com/en/julius-baer-foundation/grant-application/

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