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Grant Opportunities: Japan Fund for Global Environment for NGOs/NPOs engaged in Environmental Activities

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Deadline: 1-Dec-22

The Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency (ERCA) is accepting applications for Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) that provides grants to Non Governmental Organization (NGO)/Non Profit Organization (NPO) engaged in environmental activities.

Environmental NGOs and NPOs have become indispensable to the creation of a sustainable society and environmental conservation. In the future, they will further strengthen the ability to support their activities, such as the ability to provide more funding, their expertise, their ability to make proposals, the ability to mobilize, and their ability to communicate. It is important to enhance their functions, such as strengthening cooperation and collaboration with the main body.

  • Activities are broadly categorized as follows, depending on the location of the organization and the place of activity.
    • Project A: Activities for environmental conservation in developing regions by domestic private organizations
    • Project B: Activities for environmental conservation in developing regions by overseas private organizations
    • Project C: Domestic private organizations in Japan activities for environmental conservation in the case of activities in developing regions, it is necessary to have a track record of activities in the target region.
Field of Activities
  • Nature protection, conservation and restoration
  • Forest conservation and greening
  • Prevention of desertification
  • Environmental conservation agriculture, etc.
  • Formation of a decarbonized society and climate change countermeasures
  • Formation of a circular society
  • Conservation of air, water and soil environment
  • Comprehensive environmental education
  • Comprehensive environmental conservation activities
  • Restoration support, etc.
Funding Information
  • Requestable amount: 500,000 yen to 3,000,000 yen (per year).
Eligibility Criteria
  • Specified non-profit corporations established pursuant to Article 10 of the Law for Promotion of Specified Non-profit Activities (Law No. 7 of 1998)
  • Corporations established based on the Act on General Incorporated Associations and General Incorporated Foundations (Act No. 48 of 2006) (authorized based on the Act on Accreditation of Public Interest Incorporated Associations and Public Interest Incorporated Foundations (Act No. 49 of 2006)) (including corporations that have received
  • Non-governmental, nonprofit, unincorporated associations that satisfy all the requirements:
    • The association must possess Articles of Incorporation or equivalent bylaws.
    • The association must possess a well-established body that makes decisions for the organization and implements the project for which the Grant is requested.
    • The association must possess an accounting structure capable of bookkeeping and self-auditing.
    • The association must possess an office that serves as a base of their activities.
    • The association must be deemed to have capacity to execute the project for which the Grant is sought, judging from its track record.
  • In view of the results of activities, etc., it must be recognized that the requested activities can be carried out without fail.
  • Applicants must be able to participate in all of the training (*2) held three times a year, the orientation for the first year of grant activities (conducted at the briefing session for prospective groups), the mid-term consultation for the second year, and the activity debriefing session for the third year. (Participation in the training must take precedence over other duties, such as the projects of the organization to which the grant belongs, including activities related to the project that is eligible for the grant.) In principle, it is permitted to change the recipient during the period of the grant activity. do not have.
  • A full-time employee who falls under
  • Eligible Persons and is a full-time employee of the organization even after the end of the three-year grant activity
  • Skills and knowledge necessary for attending training and subsidy application procedures, such as basic PC operation and document preparation Be recognized by the organization as having the ability to communicate.
  • Must be able to handle procedures and issues related to projects eligible for grants and young project leader training, and be able to act as a direct contact point for the Global Environment Fund.
  • Must be highly motivated to participate in training and to produce results for desired activities.
  • The organization must have at least one full-time employee in addition to the eligible person.

For more information, visit https://www.erca.go.jp/jfge/english/wwd/grants.html

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