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Grant Opportunities: International Trans Fund (7th Grant Cycle): Apply for Seed Grants and Thrive Grants

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Deadline: 12-Dec-2022

The International Trans Fund (ITF) is pleased to announce its 7th grant cycle. ITF welcomes applications from trans-led organizations with budgets below $100,000 USD based in any region of the world.

The ITF was created to mobilize sustainable resources to help build strong, trans-led movements and support collective action, and to address and eliminate funding gaps impacting trans organizations across the globe. The purpose of the ITF is to:

  • Build & Sustain the Fund | Develop and sustain a mechanism to support trans-led groups of different sizes working on a range of issues at the international, regional, country and local levels, with emphasis on smaller groups with limited resources.
  • Resource Trans Movements | Increase and enhance access to resources to support trans movements by increasing financial resources dedicated to trans-led organizations and groups; providing access to non-financial resources for trans organizations, such as skills building, organizational strengthening, leadership development and activist support; and improving advocacy in philanthropy to increase access to new donors.
  • Educate Philanthropic Community | Educate their peers in the philanthropic community on trans issues and influence other funders and strategic allies in trans related commitments and strategies.
Their Priorities
  • The ITF has priorities for their grantmaking:
    • Fund a diverse collection of groups, inclusive of various identities, strategies and issues, languages and regions.
    • Prioritize trans communities facing greater levels of marginalization (e.g. racism, classism, ageism, ableism, misogyny and so on).
    • Support trans-led organizations whose work is intersectional and contributes to economic and social justice, movement building, and the liberation of trans people.
Grant Types

The ITF has two grant types:

  • SEED Grant (1-year)
    • The SEED grant is a 1-year general support and/or project grant for trans-led organizations that have never been funded by the ITF, or that prefer to apply for this grant instead of the THRIVE Grant. Grants range from $10,000 to $25,000 USD/year.
  • THRIVE Grant (1-year)
    • The THRIVE grant is a 1-year general support grant ONLY for trans-led organizations that have been previously funded by the ITF and are in good standing. Grants range from $25,000 to $50,000 USD/year.
Eligibility Criteria
  • To be eligible for funding organizations must meet the following criteria:
  • Be trans-led:
    • Trans people must be in decision-making roles, including setting the organization’s strategic and financial priorities, and make up 75% of the staff, spokespeople, and Board or decision-making body.
    • If this is not the case, organizations must demonstrate how trans people make budget, organizational and strategic decisions.
    • Have an operating budget under $100,000 USD.
    • Be a group of people (i.e. not an individual).
    • Main focus of work is to benefit the trans community.
    • Contribute to movement building, not just providing direct services.
    • Applications that do not meet these criteria will be found to be ineligible and will not be reviewed by the Grant Making Panel.
  • What They Do Not Fund the ITF does not fund the following:
    • Individuals.
    • Organizations that are not led by trans people (even if they are working on trans issues).
    • Organizations that do not do work specifically to benefit trans people or communities.
    • Organizations with operating budgets above $100,000 USD.
    • Organizations and projects that only provide direct services to individuals without contributing to trans movement building in some way

For more information, visit https://www.transfund.org/our-grants/apply-for-a-grant/



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