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Grant Opportunities: Grants for Roadmaps Contest for all Early-stage Startups

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Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

The Grants for Roadmaps Contest is now open for applications – Calling all early-stage startups.

How it works?
  • Milestone Based is DAO platform for startups and investors to collaborate on funding. The top 3 projects listing their roadmap on the platform every quarter starting from Q3, July 2022, will be eligible for a grant of $20K. Up to $250K in grant money will be awarded to 12 startups over the next year.
  • Their judges will be looking at the quality of your roadmap (is it realistic and adding considerable value?), the quality of your idea, and your team’s ability to build/scale it.
Eligibility Criteria

It is open to all startups subject to KYC and other legal requirements that must be abided by in the USA and the State of California. Employees and agents of milestoneBased or Applicature and their respective parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotional agencies, assignees, licensees, and members of their immediate families are ineligible.

  • Grants will be awarded at the end of every quarter once the roadmap is complete and the entry form has been filled out. You must do a Twitter and Telegram post stating that you’ve entered, and a “follow” of these milestoneBased channels to be entered (is confirmed as a question in entry form.)
  • The grant will be awarded upon verification that the development goal specified in the roadmap has been completed. Additional confirmation documents for verifying awarding of the grant/transfering of funds must be signed.
Judging Criteria
  • Your Business Idea
    • Does your idea sound attractive just from an initial short description or elevator pitch? Some questions judges will be evaluating are:
      • Have you chosen a great idea that’s original and few have thought of it yet?
      • Do you serve a specific real market need or solve an existing user/business pain?
      • Is the need or pain potentially experienced by a huge number of people/organizations?
      • Would they be motivated to solve it through your solution/giving you their money?
  • Your Project Roadmap and Milestones
    • A roadmap is a visualization of your product development or company development goals/milestones, and important stages plus timelines to achieve them over a future period. The judges will be evaluating the roadmap and milestones you entered on the milestoneBased platform from the point of view of being practical, achievable and logical based on the nature of your business and your current stage of development.
  • Team
    • The project team is one of the most important aspects and predictors of success. The judges will evaluate this based on you/your co-founder or team’s social media or website biography, and may want to understand more in a meeting if you are shortlisted.
  • Ability to scale and grow into a significant business
    • Scaling a startup is not for the weak of heart! If you are shortlisted, their judges will want to meet with you so they may evaluate your potential to scale your company; here’s what they will be looking for.
      • Are you a fast learner, open and keen to grow personally and professionally?
      • Are you strongly driven to succeed and driven to make your business succeed?
      • Are you willing to put in the work and time required to build a significant crypto business?
      • Are you able to convince investors, future team members and others to be part of your project’s vision?

For more information, visit https://milestonebased.com/grant

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