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Grant Opportunities: Global Placement Bursaries for Health Partnerships Programme

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Deadline: 17-Jun-22

THET is pleased to launch the Global Placement Bursaries for Health Partnerships (GPBHP) programme that offers micro bursaries to new or established health partnerships to provide opportunities for England’s NHS workforce to engage in global health by supporting partners in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

The focus of these bursaries can be on any health theme but must focus on capacity development of LMIC health workers and/or the system within which they work. They wish to encourage the pursuit of bi-directional learning thus, they urge applicants to evaluate the impact of their programs towards both English and LMIC partners.

Funding Information

Each bursary can be a maximum of £5,000 in value.

  • Bursaries will be advertised in two rounds. The first will be available from 1st August 2022 for a time-bound project that must be completed by the 16th December 2022. 
  • The second round of bursaries will be available from September 2022 and will be timebound to be completed by the 28th February 2023.
Bursaries will Fund
  • Local and international travel and associated costs, eg national economy class travel, travel insurance (if not already covered by a central institution policy), accommodation and subsistence. International flights will only be covered for travel of periods over 3 days in order that the project benefits sufficiently from the environmental impact.
  • Bank charges for transfer of funds
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning costs related to the volunteer placement.
  • Communication and meeting costs (refreshments, transport, teleconferencing, video conferencing, etc.)
  • Reasonable project and volunteer management staff and admin costs, eg recruitment, induction and communications
  • Reasonable medical equipment and consumables
  • Reasonable digital equipment.
Grant Holder Responsibility 

The UK lead partner will be the contract holder for these bursaries. Their responsibilities are outlined below:

  • Signing the volunteer bursary contract with THET
  • Receiving bursary funds and managing them in accordance with the contract.Maintaining financial records Reporting on finance and bursary activity to THET, at the end of the project, through a very short narrative report. The report will consist of 3 main sections: project progress, volunteer engagement, and health worker details.
  • Ensuring grant finances are audited as part of the institution’s annual audit.
  • Taking responsibility (as laid out in the contract) for all security, insurance and registration matters related to those travelling/working on behalf of the project
  • Demonstrating safeguarding compliance, including having or developing a safeguarding policy and ensuring that volunteers have read and will abide by it.
  • Please note that all NHS Volunteers must complete a pre and post volunteer questionnaire provided by THET, and will b e offered the opportunity to contribute to research on the wellbeing impact of volunteering
Core Requirements
  • Applications must be made jointly by an English institution and LMIC institution.
  • Both lead institutions must be one of the following: not-for-profit hospital or other health delivery institution; NHS hospital, Trust or arms-length body; professional association; regulatory body; health education or academic institution; or NGO.
  • The application must demonstrate that at least one member of the NHS workforce in England will volunteer their time to engage in global health through collaborating with an LMIC health delivery institution.
  • NHS Volunteers must have clear terms of reference with clear objectives and activities aligned to the partnership or project’s aims. These objectives and activities should lead to clear results and generate lessons learned and good practice.
  • NHS Volunteer objectives should be linked to LMIC health workforce and health system development.
  • Partnerships must be able to demonstrate relevant processes and policies to support volunteers and provide adequate duty of care.
  • The project should demonstrate clear benefit back to the NHS in England.

For more information, visit https://www.thet.org/resources/grant-overview-global-placement-bursaries-for-health-partnerships-round-1/

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