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Grant Opportunities: GCA launches Local Adaptation Champions Awards

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Deadline: 10-Jul-22

The Global Center on Adaptation (GCA) is pleased to launch a call for applications for the Local Adaptation Champions Awards to reward inspiring, innovative and scalable locally led efforts that addresses climate change and build resilience among vulnerable communities.

The Local Adaptation Champions Award spotlight and reward innovative, exemplary, inspiring, and scalable locally led efforts that address the impacts of climate change and build effective climate resilience among the most vulnerable communities, sections of society, and individuals who are at the frontlines of the greatest existential threat faced by humankind.

  • Inclusive leadership: Interventions in this category are inclusive by design and truly owned by the communities in which they have been implemented. They have been designed, built and managed with and by the people who will benefit from them the most, and have sought contributions from those members of the community who are often excluded from local decision-making processes due to their gender, race, language, ethnicity, religious practices, sexual orientation, disability or any other reason.
  • Financial governance: This category focuses on rewarding initiatives whose scope was to design innovative financial mechanisms that allow local communities to access and manage adaptation funds in ways that best fit local needs, priorities, and evolving contexts. The mechanism displays strong flexibility and may build on intergovernmental and public-private partnerships or alliances.
  • Knowledge and capacity: Interventions in this category are designed to strengthen local knowledge and skills related to climate change adaptation, climate finance or locally led adaptation principles in ways that enable local actors to autonomously continue building their knowledge and share their skills over time. Interventions which contribute to knowledge sharing and building the evidence case for locally led adaptation can also apply for this category.
  • Local innovation: This category rewards local solutions or technologies – physical or digital – that minimize the immediate and long-term impacts of climate change on people in the community, in particular those most vulnerable. The solution presented may be an existing solution creatively applied to climate change adaptation, a solution that was never before used in this context, a completely new idea successfully applied or a combination of all of the above.
Award Information

All 20 nominees will benefit from media coverage around their nomination for the awards. Four winners (one per category) will receive a cash prize of €15,000.


The eight principles for locally led adaptation, are defined as follows:

  • Devolving decision-making to the lowest appropriate level.
  • Addressing structural inequalities faced by women, youth, children, disabled and displaced people, indigenous peoples and marginalized ethnic groups.
  • Providing patient and predictable funding that can be accessed more easily.
  • Investing in local capabilities to leave an institutional legacy.
  • Building a robust understanding of climate risk and uncertainty.
  • Flexible programming and learning.
  • Ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Collaborative action and investment.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The award is open to any individual, organization or group of partners worldwide, who have implemented or are in the process of implementing climate change adaptation/resilience solutions that follow one of the eight principles for locally led adaptation.
  • To be eligible for the award, applicants must ensure that:
    • The solution addresses climate change impacts or builds effective climate resilience.
    • The solution aims at the most vulnerable communities, sections of society and individuals experiencing climate impacts (shocks and slow-onset).
    • The entry matches the description of one of the four award categories.
    • The intervention presented is under implementation and shows results and impact.

For more information, visit https://gca.org/llachampions/

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