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Grant Opportunities: FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022

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Deadline: 31-Jul-22

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations has announced the Science and Innovation Forum for harnessing science, technology and innovation to transform their agrifood systems.

Harnessing science, technology and innovation (STI) is key for leveraging emerging opportunities for reaching a world free from poverty, hunger and malnutrition. FAO is integrating STI to provide solutions that address the three dimensions of sustainability. To bring FAO’s initiatives into a coherent framework, and to facilitate the development of new initiatives, FAO is developing its first-ever Science and Innovation Strategy that will help strengthen the use of science and innovation in FAO’s technical interventions and normative guidance, and serve as a key tool for the implementation of the Strategic Framework 2022-31. The Strategy is expected to be approved by the FAO Council in June 2022.

FAO is distinctive in having both the mandate and the convening capacity to bring relevant stakeholders together to design, develop and implement impactful initiatives through coordinated and collective action. Working through reinvigorated partnerships with the full range of relevant actors, FAO is well-placed to connect policy makers, research, producers, indigenous peoples, CSOs, consumers, and the private sector through a shared global agenda on science and innovation in agrifood systems to contribute to the SDGs.

While FAO is not a research organization, its principal contribution is providing a neutral platform that allows Members to establish international consensus on science and innovation for agrifood systems, including consideration of trade-offs, allowing all countries to establish a common foundation for their development efforts. FAO evaluates and synthesizes existing evidence and provides policy guidance, and translates science and innovation into practical tools for development. It shares technical knowledge and expertise between countries and other relevant stakeholders, and has an important role in strengthening the capacities of national agrifood research systems and higher education institutions. FAO thus contributes to strengthening the link between science, research and development at national, regional and global levels.


FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 will focus on highlighting the centrality of STI for agrifood systems transformation. The event will encourage a diversity of perspectives based on science, thereby facilitating rationalization and inclusiveness of debate. More specifically, the objectives are to:

  • Share robust science and evidence-based options for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems.
  • Assist countries in making informed decisions regarding the co-creation, adaptation and adoption of appropriate and context-specific technologies and innovations.
  • Explore scientific and technological advances and associated risks and opportunities.
  • Promote effective science communication, including by engaging on contentious issues.
  • Analyze options for strengthening science and evidence-based decision-making.
Thematic Areas 
  • Enhancing evidence base
  • Science – Policy Interface
  • Research for Development
  • Access to technology and innovation by small scale producers
  • Capacity Development
  • Science communication
Event Schedule
  • The Science and Innovations Forum will take place over 5 days and provide different stakeholders, in particular from low and middle-income countries (LMICs), the space and opportunity to take stock of the science and evidence base and gaps, engage in dialogues and share experiences around science-based actions and innovative solutions. Roundtables, panel discussions, and various interactive formats will be utilized.
  • The Science and Innovation Forum will be preceded by independently organized side-events, with partners and Members showcasing their innovations and insights
  • 1 August- 31 August 2022: Screening
  • on or before 31 August 2022: The Secretariat will notify the lead organizations the feedback and status of selection of the side event

For more information, visit https://www.fao.org/science-technology-and-innovation/science-innovation-days/en

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