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Grant Opportunities: EIT Climate-KIC Adaptation and Resilience ClimAccelerator in Africa

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Deadline: 26-Nov-22

Funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland (‘Irish Aid’), the A&R ClimAccelerator is seeking applications from solutions that are addressing the impacts of climate change and building the resilience of communities.

The A&R ClimAccelerator will support 16 teams from across the African continent with solutions that address physical climate risks or build the resilience of communities. The selected start-ups will receive tailored business coaching, professional guidance on finance, support defining the climate impact potential of their solution, and preparation for future investment opportunities.

Start-ups may be providing solutions against climate risks such as: extreme temperatures (heatwaves), extreme precipitation, drought, unpredictable rains, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons or storms, floods, and sea level rise, among others. Start-ups that are not focusing on these specific areas will not be accepted.

  • Mentorship support
    • The start-ups will receive one-to-one support to refine their business strategy, solve challenges and identify opportunities for sustainable growth.
  • Access to finance
    • The start-ups will receive a results-based grant of €2,500 to support streamlining operations, increasing efficiencies and creating businesses with a positive climate impact.
  • Business development services
    • Tackling all aspects of the business from incorporation, management structure, governance structures, staffing, operations, business plan development and implementation, market plan development and implementation, financial management and accountability.
  • Climate change mainstreaming
    • Coaching and training on climate risk assessment and opportunity identification. Additionally, the start-ups will be supported in mainstreaming sustainability (environmental and social), as well as climate change adaptation and mitigation approaches into their operations.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Business must be incorporated in an African country.
  • Should be incorporated for 5 years or less.
  • For-profit entity.
  • Adaptation and resilience solution.

For more information, visit https://climaccelerator.lezgo.io/formulaires/call-to-application-climate-kic-adaptation-and-resilience-a-r-climaccelerator-in-africa/presentation

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