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Grant Opportunities: Call for Proposals for Side Events: 7th Pan-African Forum on Migration

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Deadline: 15-Sep-22

The African Union is accepting proposals for its 7th Pan African Forum on Migration under the theme of “Addressing the impact of Climate Change on Human Mobility in Africa: Building Adaptation Strategies and Resilient Communities.”

The Pan African Forum on Migration (PAFoM) is an African Union continental interstate dialogue on migration that brings together African Union Member States and other relevant stakeholders, to discuss and deliberate on various topical issues related to migration and human mobility in Africa.

As a continental dialogue, this forum aims to provide an opportunity for AU Member States and RECs, together with other relevant stakeholders to share information, best practices, lessons learnt, as well as learn from each other on ways to improve migration governance and management on the continent.

  • The meeting aims to:
    • Sensitize participants on the migration-climate nexus and its impact on the socio-economic development and integration of Africa;
    • Serve as a platform for participants to share experiences and best practices on the impact of climate change, migration and displacement; especially within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and formulate relevant recommendations on early warning, preparedness, and adaptation strategies, including return and reintegration in communities of origin;
    • Agree on key policy recommendations on how Africa can address the impact of climate change on migration and displacement on the continent;
    • Identify key climate change and migration issues that can form the continent’s contribution to the upcoming COP 27 meeting in Egypt to be held this year.
Thematic Areas
  • The submission must provide a detailed description of the event (2 pager), the organizers, partners, panelists and speakers, and how the event would contribute to discussions on thematic areas of the 7th PAFoM meeting namely:
    • National realities and efforts in addressing the impact of climate change and human mobility
    • The Impact of Climate change on African Cities: Addressing the impact of climate change on migration and mobility in Cities and urban areas
    • Addressing protection concerns of groups in vulnerable situation displaced by the impact of climate change and disasters
    • Addressing the root causes of climate change as driver to migration, human mobility and displacement in Africa
    • Strengthening Africa’s policy and legal frameworks on migration and displacement in the context of climate change: opportunities and challenges
    • Towards climate change-induced migration and human mobility accountability, adaptation and resilience in Africa: opportunities and challenges
    • Mainstreaming migration human mobility and displacement issues within the national, regional and International climate change discourse including COP 27 and beyond.
Side Events
  • In accordance with the envisioned programme for the 7th PAFoM, side events will be organized alongside the main meeting during the senior officials meeting of the Forum that will be running from 19th and 20th of October 2022.
Event Details
  • 18th – 21st October 2022
  • Kigali, Rwanda.
Responsibility of the Organizers
  • The logistics of the side events, need to be arranged in collaboration with the side events coordinators. The organizers of the side events will be responsible for the following:
    • Inviting speakers and panelists;
    • Inviting participants from member States, major groups and other stakeholders;
    • Preparing a summary report on the event and sharing it with the secretariat of the Forum;
    • Publicity, reproduction of materials and media coverage;
    • Any costs related to the event;
    • Events should be conducted in English, French, Arabic and Portuguese. Arrangements for simultaneous interpretation will be the responsibility of the organizers.
Selection Criteria
  • The criteria for selection include the following:
    • The theme of the side event should relate to at least one of the seven clusters of thematic areas provided or be cross-cutting in nature, and the outcome of the side event should inform the overall outcome of 7th PAFoM meeting;
    • Consideration should be given to gender balance and geographic (including local) contexts in the choice of speakers and panelists;
    • The format of the side event should ensure broad stakeholder participation, and actively involve the audience;
    • The side event should last no longer than 1 and 1/2 hours.
    • Event organizers will be informed of the results of the selection process and a list of all registered pre-events and side events will be published after the event registration process has been completed.

For more information, visit https://au.int/es/node/42149

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