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Grant Opportunities: Call for Nominations: Yidan Education Prize (Gold Medal + HK$30 million Cash Prize)

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Deadline: 31-Mar-23

Nominations are now open for the “Yidan Prize“, to create a better world through education. This is an inclusive education award that recognizes individuals, or up to three-member teams, who have contributed significantly to education research and development.

The prize aims to progress learning by building a global community committed to advancing ideas in education.

The Yidan Prize Foundation was formally established in 2016 by Dr Charles CHEN Yidan, a philanthropist, entrepreneur and lifelong learner.

Focus Areas

Each year, they award the Yidan Prize to individuals and teams in two areas:

  • Education Research: The theory of learning—science, psychology, statistics—that can help educators understand different approaches with a methodical lens.
  • Education Development: Policy and practice in learning: new methods and ways to make education more widespread—so they can champion techniques that work
Award Information
  • They award each year’s laureates a gold medal and a total sum of HK$30 million—half is a cash prize to recognize their contribution to the sector; the other half is a project fund distributed over three years to support the laureate’s work.
Eligibility Criteria
  • They welcome all nominations; their process is open to everyone. You don’t need to be invited to nominate a team or individual for either the Education Research or Education Development prize.
  • Most of their nominators tend to be members of government bodies, non-governmental organizations or professional associations. Otherwise, they’re professional educators, respected figures in the sector, or work in the same organization or sphere as the nominee(s). But you don’t have to tick one of those boxes: they welcome nominations from all.
  • You are allowed to nominate yourself—you’ll just need at least three supporters instead of two. They consider self-nominations in exactly the same fair, unbiased way, so there’s no advantage or disadvantage to nominating yourself
  • Remember: if you’re nominating a person or team, you can’t also be a supporter for them. That doesn’t stop you also being a supporter for an unrelated nomination.
  • Same nominee can be nominated more than once in the same category, or they can be nominated in both categories if their work spans both research and development
  • Having more than one nomination in one category doesn’t increase the nominee’s chances. If you know others who are also interested in nominating the same person or team, consider choosing one nominator between you, and asking everyone else to be a supporter. It’ll probably make a stronger application overall.
  • There’s a handful of exceptions You can’t make a nomination (or support one) if:
    • You’d like to recognize your immediate family member(s)
    • You’d like to recognize—or you are—one of their current board directors, or on their current Judging or Advisory Committees
    • You’d like to recognize someone posthumously.

For more information, visit https://yidanprize.org/the-prize/overview/#awards

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