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Grant Opportunities: Applications to host an IndabaX 2023 are Now Open

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Deadline: 2-Dec-22

Applications are now open for the IndabaX 2023 Event.

An IndabaX is a local gathering that helps develop knowledge and capacity in machine learning and artificial intelligence in individual countries across Africa. The IndabaX is one of the major programmes of the Deep Learning Indaba.

They encourage you to organise an IndabaX in your country.  They leave the details of what exactly happens at an IndabaX to those who take on the role of organising one. The event can be organised at any time of the year.

The Deep Learning Indaba will support as many of these meetings as it can. Their support can include anything from: use of Baobab, their dedicated portal for event and attendee management, financial grants to support your event, help in planning and speaker invitations, publicity through the website, or in any other ways that local organisers think would be useful. An IndabaX can be small or big. Be as creative as possible.

The IndabaX programme started in 2018 as an experiment in strengthening their machine learning community beyond the annual Deep Learning Indaba, to allow more people to contribute to the conversation on artificial intelligence and machine learning. They join hands across their beautiful continent. The initiative continues in 2022, and it is YOUR initiative!

Your IndabaX could be
  • A one to three-day meeting to stream leading online lectures, group learning around a specific set of topics, code teaching, research-replication sessions, or poster sessions;
  • A structured series of tutorial lectures by invited speakers from the country, continent, or abroad on a focussed topic;
  • A one-day workshop that brings people together to discuss their latest research with short talks and a panel discussion, bringing together groups across your university;
  • A hackathon around a specific dataset or important challenge.
  • Or a mixture of the above and other formats you think would work.
Your plans to ensure diversity and inclusion in participants and speakers.
  • Be mindful of the need for greater diversity in organisers, speakers and participants; one of the Indaba’s core principles.
  • In particular, comment on the ways that you will increase the participation of women. They encourage every IndabaX to work towards having at least 35% female participation.
  • You will be asked to adopt the Indaba’s code of conduct for your event, and take the responsibility that all participants work together to create a safe and inclusive learning and networking community.
Eligibility Criteria

Any types of teams from anywhere across Africa can apply, although they recommend multiple organisers.

For more information, visit https://deeplearningindaba.com/2022/indabax/

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