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Grant Opportunities: AiCubator: A New Way of Collaboration in Anti- Infective Area

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Deadline: 31-Dec-22

AiCuris is accepting applications for AiCubator: A New Way of Collaboration in Anti- infective Area.

AiCuris strongly believes that there is a need to encourage the development of more early projects based on new scientific principles to fill pipeline gaps, tackle AMR and prevent future pandemics.

  • To promote early ideas that might lead to the next resistant breaking antibiotic or anti-infective, AiCuris has launched the AiCubator, an innovative corporate incubator that provides first-hand and long-term support (up to 3 years) for such research projects from a leader in anti-infective drug development.
  • Scientific support.
  • Business Expertise.
  • Financing Advisory.
Eligible Projects
  • Drug discovery project in the following indications:
    • Targeted antiviral therapy, especially for:
      • HBV cure
      • HIV cure
      • BK Virus
      • Epstein-Barr virus
      • Adenovirus
      • Pan-Herpesvirus
      • Norovirus
      • Pandemic preparedness solutions (RSV, pan-respiratory viruses)
      •  Antibacterial (non-small molecule) therapy for:
      • Bloodstream infections
      • Diabetic foot infections
      • Antimicrobial resistance
      • Osteomyelitis
      •  Novel platform approach in infectious diseases.
  • Project  Minimal Criteria
    • Target identified
    • Preliminary efficacy data
    • Competitive advantage to existing standard of care
  • Applicant
    • All applications from companies and scientific groups are welcomed
    • Start-up company
    • Scientific group within a research university/institute
  • Application for the AiCubator
    • You are an academic group or a recently formed biotech start-up with antiviral or antibacterial projects?
    • You have identified a new breakthrough mechanism of action with supporting data?
    • You want this invention to become a therapy for patients?
    • You are looking for first-hand support and guidance on your way from a partner with proven experience?

For more information, visit https://www.aicuris.com/57/AiCubator.htm

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