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Grant Opportunities: 4th International Call for Proposals: IKI Small Grants

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Deadline: 15-Mar-23

The 4th ‘Call for Proposals ‘of the IKI Small Grants component ‘International Calls’ is now open.

The call reaches out to small sub-national, national, and regional organisations in ODA-eligible countries to propose small, context-tailored, and ambitious project ideas.

Conceptional Priorities
  • The projects must address one of the four funding areas Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, Adapting to the impacts of climate change, Conserving natural carbon sinks / REDD+ or Conserving biological diversity. Additionally, they explicitly encourage projects which:
    • Support the implementation or increase the ambition of nationally determined contributions (NDCs)
    • Support action on the ground to contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030
    • Address the risks, challenges and opportunities of global megatrends (e.g. increasing demand for natural resources, rapid urbanization, digitalisation) in the context of climate change and biodiversity loss
    • Support a just transition of economies towards decarbonization including fair social change especially for vulnerable groups
    • Strengthen networks, knowledge sharing and cooperation of organisations working on climate change and biodiversity related issues
    • Develop and promote the use of climate smart technologies
    • Contribute to awareness building and education regarding climate change and biodiversity
    • Engage in cross-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation and / or involve the local population.
Funding Information
  • Organisations must have at least three years of relevant experience and its average annual revenue should range between 60,000 and 500,000 euros. Projects are identified in a one-stage selection procedure.
  • The duration of the proposed projects should cover a minimum of twelve months and a maximum of three years. Longer durations may be acceptable if justified appropriately.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Applicant organisations have to be not-for-profit organisations. For-profit non-government organisations are eligible if they pursue strictly non-profit objectives within the scope of their proposed project.
  • Applicants must be based and registered in countries that are on the DAC List of ODA Recipients. Please note that proposals from countries that are official or potential candidates for EU membership are not eligible. This does not apply to Ukraine.
  • Organisations must be operative for at least three years.
  • Over the last three years, the organisation must have an average annual revenue of at least 60,000 and no more than 500,000 euros.
  • The average annual revenue of the last three years should be higher than (or equal to) the requested funding volume.
  • The average annual revenue does not exceed the maximum turnover for eligible organisations (as specified in their funding information).
  • The applicant must have dedicated accounting staff and have accounting principles that ensure internal as well as external control mechanisms.
  • The applicant organisation must employ a software-based accounting system which meets its respective national standards. (Excel is not considered as sufficient)

Concerning the project:

  • Project proposals must clearly address one of the IKI funding areas:
    • Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions
    • Adapting to the impacts of climate change
    • Conserving natural carbon sinks / REDD+
    • Conserving biological diversity
  • Projects must be implemented on a local, national, or regional level. Projects with a global focus cannot be funded.
  • Projects must be implemented by the applicant organisation itself. Forwarding of funds to other implementing partners or beneficiaries is not permitted.
  • The requested financing is in the right proportion to your annual revenue (as specified in their funding information).
  • The application includes all mandatory documents.
  • Projects must have an initial draft of a capacity development concept.
  • The submitted documents are filled out completely (that inlcudes all spreadsheets of Excel documents such as Budget and GANTT Chart).
  • The current templates provided on this website have been used (refrain from reformatting or modifying to avoid unintended mistakes).
  • The project proposal must be submitted in English.

For more information, visit International Climate Initiative.

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