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Grant Opportunities: 2022 Garmin Health Awards for the Most Innovative Solutions

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Deadline: 8-Jul-22

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Garmin Health Awards for the Most Innovative Solution.

At Garmin Health, they believe in the power of an ecosystem that combines physiological data with third-party solutions to create long-term benefits. They give you the tools and flexibility to create innovative and meaningful solutions using the wearables. This year, they’ll again recognize the most unique programs with the Garmin Health Awards.


  • The Garmin Health Awards will be presented in three categories for solutions that use Garmin they arables as an integral part of a health or wellness programs.
    • Health Care: This includes solutions for telehealth, senior care, pediatrics and other health care initiatives.
    • Insurance: This includes solutions for insurance or reinsurance programs, dynamic underwriting, women’s health, BAM or other insurance-related initiatives.
    • Engagement: This includes solutions for fitness platforms, corporate wellness, customer loyalty or other activity-based initiatives.

Award Information

  • Each winner will be awarded up to 50 world-class Garmin wearables, worth an estimated $10,000.

Rules and Requirements

  • The solution should be established and working.
  • Each solution should apply to only one category, but you may apply with multiple solutions.
  • The solution must fit into one of three categories: health care, insurance or engagement.
  • The solution must use Garmin wearables such as smartwatches, fitness trackers or smart scales.
  • Applicants may be asked to provide additional information about their solutions.

For more information, visit https://www.garmin.com/en-IN/garmin-health-award/

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