GCE past questions

1. MCQ-Aphy: Current in a circuit if resistance of 15 Omega and potential difference of 3.0 V is applied across it's ends is
2. MCQ-Aphy: In inverting amplifier, the phase difference between input and output voltages must be
3. MCQ-Aphy: Number of conduction electrons per unit volume is
4. MCQ-Aphy: Force acting on two point masses is directly proportional to
5. MCQ-Aphy: Impedance of ideal op-amp is
6. MCQ-Aphy: If the magnetic flux density and current are at right angles, then component of force acting on the conductor is
7. MCQ-Aphy: If weight of a falling tennis ball is 1.0 N and drag force acting on it is 0.2 N then resultant force is
8. MCQ-Aphy: If current of 20 mA is passing through op-amp and voltage drop across series resistor is 10 V then value of resistance is
9. MCQ-Aphy: Field which does not have magnetic poles is
10. MCQ-Aphy: As long as op-amp is not saturated, the potential difference between inverting and non-inverting inputs is
11. MCQ-Aphy: Geostationary satellites have lifetime of nearly
12. MCQ-Aphy: A sensing device is also called
13. MCQ-Aphy: Benefits of negative feedback include
14. MCQ-Aphy: If direction of current is from positive to negative, then it is called
15. MCQ-Aphy: Point where all weight of object acts is called
16. MCQ-Aphy: Actual op-amp may have an open loop gain of
17. MCQ-Aphy: A device used to avoid the relay destroying the op-amp is
18. MCQ-Aphy: Unit of luminous intensity is
19. MCQ-Aphy: Derived unit Tesla is related to
20. MCQ-Aphy: A flat coil and solenoid has
21. MCQ-Aphy: For a straight wire, induced current depends upon
22. MCQ-Aphy: N kg^-^1 is equivalent to
23. MCQ-Aphy: Satellite around Earth follows a circular path because
24. MCQ-Aphy: The closer satellite is to Earth, its speed should be
25. MCQ-Aphy: When temperature rises, resistance of negative temperature coefficient thermistor
26. MCQ-Aphy: Semiconductors have electron number density of order
27. MCQ-Aphy: For a hydrogen atom the electrical force as compared to gravitational force is
28. MCQ-Aphy: 1 Omega is equal to
29. MCQ-Aphy: Number of power supplies required to get output of op-amp is
30. MCQ-Aphy: Change in length and cross-sectional area of metal wire changes
31. MCQ-Aphy: Electrons which are free to move around are also called
32. MCQ-Aphy: To limit current in LED, resistor should be connected in
33. MCQ-Aphy: When field is parallel to plane of area, magnetic flux through coil is
34. MCQ-Aphy: Pair of forces that cause steering wheel of a car to rotate is called
35. MCQ-Aphy: Moving a coil in and out of magnetic field induces
36. MCQ-Aphy: Coil of relay is connected to the
37. MCQ-Aphy: When one material is rubbed against the other, then it becomes electrically
38. MCQ-Aphy: Electric field strength can be defined as
39. MCQ-Aphy: instrument which transfers energy to electric charges in a circuit is
40. MCQ-Aphy: F = BIL can only be used if the magnetic field and electric current are
41. MCQ-Aphy: To form a couple, the force should be
42. MCQ-Aphy: A component whose property changes when there is a change in any physical quantity of a device is
43. MCQ-Aphy: If a current of 1 A passes through a point in 1 s then charge passes that point is
44. MCQ-Aphy: Energy transferred per unit charge is
45. MCQ-Aphy: Amplifier produces output with more
46. MCQ-Aphy: An infinite slew rate refers to
47. MCQ-Aphy: Mass of satellite orbiting Earth is
48. MCQ-Aphy: LED starts to conduct when voltage is about
49. MCQ-Aphy: Currents that flow in circles inside a disc are known as
50. MCQ-Aphy: Consequence of motor effect is
51. MCQ-Aphy: Where an electric charge experiences a force, there is an
52. MCQ-Aphy: By increasing the current, the drift velocity
53. MCQ-Aphy: All objects are attracted towards
54. MCQ-Aphy: Combined effect of several forces is known as
55. MCQ-Aphy: Particles involved in the movement within material are
56. MCQ-Aphy: Number of satellites in geostationary orbits are
57. MCQ-Aphy: To protect wiring from excessive passing of current is
58. MCQ-Aphy: Unraveling an electromagnetic gives
59. MCQ-Aphy: Work done on an object to bring it to certain point in space is called
60. MCQ-Aphy: Graph of resistance of thermistor to temperature is
61. MCQ-Aphy: Moment of force depends upon
62. MCQ-Aphy: A voltmeter arranged across the power supply measures
63. MCQ-Aphy: Whenever there is force on magnetic pole, there exists
64. MCQ-Aphy: Force per meter on two wires carrying a current of 1 A placed 1 m apart is equal to
65. MCQ-Aphy: Actual velocity of electrons between collisions is
66. MCQ-Aphy: On scale of building, gravitational field is
67. MCQ-Aphy: Gravitational potential is always
68. MCQ-Aphy: A straight wire of length 0.20 m moves at a steady speed of 3.0 m s^-^1 at right angles to the magnetic field of flux density 0.10 T. The e.m.f induced across ends of wire is
69. MCQ-Aphy: Spacing between field lines indicates
70. MCQ-Aphy: Magnitude of induced e.m.f is proportional to
71. MCQ-Aphy: Magnetic field can be produced by using
72. MCQ-Aphy: Each 1 kg mass experiences force of
73. MCQ-Aphy: Magnitude of charge is known as
74. MCQ-Aphy: At all the points the uniform fields have
75. MCQ-Aphy: In generators, the rate of change of flux linkage is maximum when the coil is moving through the
76. MCQ-Aphy: Mean drift velocity of electron in a copper wire having cross-sectional area 5.0 × 10-6 m^2 carrying current of 1 A and having number density 8.5 × 1028 m^3 is
77. MCQ-Aphy: An uncharged object has
78. MCQ-Aphy: Output resistance of an actual op-amp is
79. MCQ-Aphy: E.M.F for a coil depends upon
80. MCQ-Aphy: Rate of flow of electric charge is
81. MCQ-Aphy: Two perpendicular components are
82. MCQ-Aphy: A straight line symbol shows the
83. MCQ-Aphy: If the principle of moments for any object holds, then object is in state of
84. MCQ-Aphy: Output current from an LED is
85. MCQ-Aphy: Current in a circuit depends on
86. MCQ-Aphy: 1 Tesla is equal to
87. MCQ-Aphy: Mass of Earth when it's radius is 6400 km and gravitational field strength is 9.81 N kg^-^1 is
88. MCQ-Aphy: As distance increases, value of gravitational field strength
89. MCQ-Aphy: Op-amp can provide maximum output current of
90. MCQ-Aphy: Object is in equilibrium if resultant force acting on it is
91. MCQ-Aphy: When an electron is moving horizontally between oppositely charged plates, it will move in the
92. MCQ-Aphy: E.M.F can be induced in a circuit by
93. MCQ-Aphy: Induced current in coil by a magnet turns it into an
94. MCQ-Aphy: Time taken to complete a revolution around a planet is called
95. MCQ-Aphy: Total number of magnetic field lines passing through an area is called
96. MCQ-Aphy: A field that spreads outwards in all directions is
97. MCQ-Aphy: In transformer, the core is made up of soft iron in order to pass the maximum
98. MCQ-Aphy: Phenomena in which a charged body attract uncharged body is called
99. MCQ-Aphy: A light dependent resistor is made up of
100. MCQ-Aphy: If the Earth's magnetic field lines pass through the Hall probe in opposite direction, then the change in reading of voltmeter is
101. MCQ-Aphy: If the resultant vector forms an angle of 45°, then the two components are
102. MCQ-Aphy: Center of gravity of an irregular body lies on the
103. MCQ-Aphy: Grid cables are 15 km long with a resistance of 0.20 Omega km^-^1, powers wasted as heat in these cables are
104. MCQ-Aphy: In an inverting amplifier the non-inverting input (+) is connected to
105. MCQ-Aphy: If we reverse the direction of electric current, then the direction of magnetic field will be
106. MCQ-Aphy: Electric field strength on a dust particle having charge equal to 8 × 10^-^1^9 when plates are separated by distance of 2 cm and have a potential difference of 5 kV is
107. MCQ-Aphy: Decrease in field strength on top of Mount Everest is
108. MCQ-Aphy: By accelerating the magnet inside the coil, the current in it
109. MCQ-Aphy: Square of orbital period is proportional to
110. MCQ-Aphy: Current in a 60 W light bulb when it is connected to a 230 V power supply is
111. MCQ-Aphy: For non-inverting amplifier the input and output is
112. MCQ-Aphy: Fields that act on objects with masses are
113. MCQ-Aphy: Weakest force in nature is
114. MCQ-Aphy: Flux density is defined by
115. MCQ-Aphy: Strength of magnetic field is known as
116. MCQ-Aphy: Number density for copper is
117. MCQ-Aphy: In Fleming's left hand rule, thumb shows direction of
118. MCQ-Aphy: Electric power is related to
119. MCQ-Aphy: Strength of magnetic field of solenoid can be increased by adding core made of
120. MCQ-Aphy: Current in a circuit when a charge of 180 C passes a point in a circuit in 2 minutes is
121. MCQ-Aphy: Number of forces a falling tennis ball experiences is